Bermuda in Pictures

  Right now I’m in the midst of unpacking, doing wash, and trying to get my life back in order before returning to work tomorrow. While on the plane I had a chance to organize our pictures so that I can finally order one of those really cool coffee table books that we talk about but never order. Unfortunately, my husband has realized that I’m not a domestic diva. But, at least I won the battle convincing him to “lug”… View Post

Biking around Bermuda

Okay, so here’s a bit of advice for all you gentlemen out there.  DON’T expect your wife to enjoy a 24 mile intense bike ride when you’re on a tropical island.  Trust me…that is NOT the reason that she’s there with you.  She would much rather be sunbathing on the beach.  All of those facts notwithstanding, I think our ride, though a little excessive, allowed us to see more of Bermuda than we would have through any other means.  We… View Post

Elbow Beach Resort & Spa

Ashley always bugs me about posting from the guys point of view and, given that I’m feeling very relaxed in Bermuda with no pressure from work, I figured that I would acquiesce and give her a little break from blogging.  Yesterday was wonderful.  After a smooth Jet Blue flight, we arrived in Bermuda at about 11AM and proceeded directly through customs to our resort. Our room wasn’t ready when we checked in so we took the suggestion of the staff… View Post