The Biking Date from Hell

Yesterday Bo and I took our new bikes out for their first ride. After sleeping until our bodies woke up naturally, I had a huge smile on my face when I saw the blue sky and sunshine streaming through our window. As soon as I stepped out of bed my quads and calves let me know just how they felt about the idea after Saturday’s hilly trail run. I couldn’t let Bo head out with me and instead requested that… View Post

Life Is About Balance: Half Marathon Training Week 3

On Sunday, I had the great pleasure to do my long run along side Elisabeth, a good friend of ours who is training for her first half marathon, The National Half in DC this March. While I won’t be down in DC with her the weekend of her half due to my half in NYC that weekend, it has been a blast to get her excited for the race. It works out wonderfully that our half marathons happen to be… View Post

Strong Arm and Back Workout

This morning I was excited to get back to my lifting routine. After seven hours of sleep and a refreshing, healthy Coconut Peach smoothie for dinner I was energized and rested. Unfortunately, my trainer missed my email and therefore wasn’t at the gym bright and early this morning. While my warm, cozy bed was screaming for me to come home I decided to put my muscles to good use on my own this morning. This 30 minute workout left my… View Post

Condensed and Intense Circuit Workout

Good morning from the friendly Delta skies. I have heard this line many times but today especially, I really have such gratitude for the Delta team at JFK. I had a really bad taxi experience this morning as we arrived at JFK and the taxi told me his credit card machine wasn’t working. After some tough words and the help of a nearby police officer he finally “fixed” the problem. I was so flustered thinking about this and getting excited… View Post