My New Pre-Run Routine


As you guys know, for multiple reasons, running has been a challenge for me over the past couple of months. What was once a workout and time on the road that I savored, became an exercise that stressed me out, caused me pain and left me feeling burnt out and frustrated. Luckily, after taking a step back this Summer, I am once again craving running. Over the past week each of my four runs left me smiling, happy from endorphins, strong and powerful.  As I started running again, I took three steps to help ensure that my first few runs back would be successful. Right now, success does not mean fast paces. Instead, I use that term to describe my goal of finishing my run feeling strong and accomplished.  Since I’ve felt such a difference during my recent runs, I wanted to share my new pre-run routine with you all in case this provides inspiration to help you start the Fall running strong.

  • Sip Vega Clean Energy
    • Twenty minutes before my run I sip a glass of water that is mixed with a serving of Vega Clean Energy. This “magic juice” provides me energy before my run without lots of questionable ingredients.  I like that I can easily read and understand this tasty mixture’s ingredient list. While I know many people can run or workout without this extra ingredient, I’ve found that the caffeine and electrolytes have helped me during the hot, humid Summer runs.
  • I’ll Have Another Podcast
    • After drinking my pre-run fuel, I ensure that I have the latest I’ll Have Another podcast downloaded on my phone. After years of running to music, this podcast series is helping motivate me through the miles. Over 60-90 minutes Lindsey interviews a runner, talking about everything from their paces and training habits to their personal life. By the end of the podcast I feel as if I know the runner and find myself wishing I could meet them in person. The womens’ stories and the casual manner of the podcast immediately hook me and make me often want to run longer just to get to the end of the episode.  So far I have “run with” Dorothy Beal, Abby Beales, and Ashley Fizzarotti!
  • Pre-Run Dynamic Warm-Up
    • Last but not least, I spend 10 minutes warming up. My PT or any of my previous running coaches would laugh at this sentence as they know that historically I’ve slacked on the warm-up. After fighting tendonitis and other injuries, I realized that this dynamic warm-up is one of the most important parts of a run. Starting a run with loose muscles that are ready to engage and fire on all cylinders is key for a successful run. My warm-up takes place in the kitchen and consists of these five simple Runner’s World exercises, one minute of planks and finally my PT exercises to engage my glute muscles.

Your turn: I love learning from everyone who is reading. What is your pre-run ritual?

Photography by Lydia Hudgens and wearing Old Navy Active.


The Best Running Shorts

Summer is here and suddenly that means that even the earliest of runs leave me red in the face and drenched in sweat. It also means grabbing shorts when I open my drawer instead of my favorite capris and leggings that have kept me warm all Winter and Spring. The first run in shorts can either be wonderful or horrible. run 4

Wonderful – Running in shorts feels so free compared to the constriction and coverage that leggings and crops provide. It almost feels as if I’m flying, even if I’m running a relaxed pace. 

Horrible – If you’re blessed with strong, muscular thighs then you quickly realize that you forgot to apply Glide in between your thighs and you come home chafed and bloody. That post-run shower is not refreshing but instead feels like daggers as it pierces your thighs and the chafed, exposed skin. 


Since you guys had so many comments on last week’s Instagram post, I thought I would share my three favorite loose fit running shorts as well as the links to your recommendations!

Your turn: How about you? What is your favorite short?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored however there are a few affiliate links via ShopStyle. 


I Miss My Running Endurance and A Giveaway

ash run

Happy Monday!

If you follow me on Snapchat (@healthyhappier) you already know that this morning Bo and I laced up our shoes for our first morning run together in ages. It’s easy to forget how simple running is in comparison to other workouts. Just ten minutes after the alarm went off we were running through the neighborhood. Since we were only running for 30 minutes, we just had to change clothes, lace up our shoes, chug some water and push start on the stop watch.  The simplicity of this, in comparison to our morning workouts in the city, left us smiling and relaxed. We immediately decided that starting out the week with a morning run is the best way to kick off a healthy week and transition from the weekend to a busy work week. The F train has driven us crazy the past few weeks, running a reduced schedule during peak times, which has changed the morning commute for workouts from 20 minutes to almost 45 most mornings.

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t breaking up with cross training or ClassPass anytime soon. But, due to a few upcoming races and healthy bodies, we are going to spend more time hitting the pavement. This morning’s run made us both realize just how much training we have ahead of us in order to be race ready.  The run wasn’t easy but we still loved the time together and the fact that we faced the harsh reality that we’ve both lost our endurance and Summer training will be tough.

6.6.16 run

Our route this morning was a flat and shady 3.5 mile route which took us through Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens before ending in Gowanus.  Our average pace was around 9:45, which felt more like sub 8-minute miles.  Even though I ran two half marathons and a ten miler this Spring, it has been a while since I consistently trained for a race. Now that we’re both healthy – I’m excited to focus on running.  Our goal is to run three times per week – speed, long and tempo. This week is a base-building week which will include two four mile runs an done 6 mile run.  Due to weekends in Vermont and down in Avalon, New Jersey there aren’t many races during the Summer that work with our schedule but here is our tentative race schedule. We are using a few of the NYRR Open Run 5k as speed work and diagnostic runs. In addition to these, we will be doing long runs each weekend to build our endurance.

In addition to running, we will each continue using ClassPass (<–link to save you $) for cross training, taking 10 classes per month using the new NYC Core Plan.

To celebrate my return to running, I have teamed up with Timex to give one lucky reader a Timex Ironman Colors watch of their choice!  I’ve been using the Timex Sleek 150 and Sleek 50 models this Spring and love the fun colors, large buttons and easy to use features.

timex pic

To enter, leave a comment with your favorite running song or which color Timex Watch you’d choose.  I will pick one winner (US only) at 11:59 Tuesday, June 7th. GIVEAWAY CLOSED – WINNER CHOSEN