Geneva Half Marathon Training–Week 6

April 9, 2014

I never felt as if I was affected negatively by the winter this year, thanks in part to the wonderful skiing but lately I feel a difference in my training. Maybe it’s the Spring weather but things clicked perfectly again last week and I finished each workout wishing there were more miles to run or […]

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Don’t Let the Run Rule Your Life

April 7, 2014

Happy Monday! We had a wonderful weekend filled with a perfect mix of relaxation and exploration here in Switzerland. There may have been one too many glasses of wine enjoyed with Casey and Joel but hey, I hear life is all about balance. I will share more of our adventures from Montreux later this week […]

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Geneva Half Marathon Training–Week 5

April 2, 2014

Oh how I wish every week of training could be just like last week. My body felt strong, the workouts were challenging but enjoyable, work and my travel schedule didn’t get in the way of any workouts, and I was able to enjoy a few workouts with friends which makes things even more fun! Here’s […]

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