A Hudson Valley Fourth of July

Happy Monday! I hope you all have had as good a Monday as possible after a long weekend. It’s been a long day in these neck of the woods as we were up at 4:45 this morning! After the Sunday trains had sold out, we decided to catch the 6:40 train from Rhinebeck back to New York City. It was an early morning, but it allowed us an extra night of vacation and by 8:30 I was at my desk working away!

In addition to the Hudson Valley Hike post I wrote last night, I wanted to give you guys a bit more of a look at the fun weekend we head together! What better way to do that than a quick sentence per picture recap?

Each of our nights included hours talking around the small charcoal grill while Bo and Bob grilled rib-eye, lamb chops, spareribs and chicken each night.


Walking through the town of Kingston, NY was the perfect way to spend a morning. There are adorable shops, cafes with Kombucha on tap, lots of little restaurants, and bakeries on almost every corner.


We fell in love with Fleisher’s Meats so much so that we bought four nights worth of meat there on the first day as well as enough bacon to feed in army. The only thing that makes this butcher even better is that I just discovered they have another location WALKING DISTANCE from our new apartment in Brooklyn!


Each morning we were able to watch deer dine on leaves and flowers while we sipped our tea and coffee.


Happy Fourth of July from a local Woodstock resident!


These Levain Bakery copycat cookies didn’t last 24 hours in our house, thanks to a few cookie monsters. It’s safe to say that Kristin was right – these are incredible!


Thank you Greatist to providing us with the most delicious guacamole recipe this weekend!


Regardless their age, boys will be boys!


Little known fact, Bo wishes he was at the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well Tour or the live simulcast this weekend.


This uphill road never seemed to end, but the lake views at the end of the hike certainly were gorgeous!


Just taking a break along the lake to enjoy the views and fresh air.


This morning, these train station stairs signaled the end of vacation.



Hiking in the Hudson Valley

Greetings from the Hudson Valley, where we’ve spent a very relaxing long weekend. The weekend was just what my body needed after the craziness of last week.

Bo’s parents were so sweet to organize a family weekend in Bearsville, New York just a fifteen-minute drive from Woodstock, New York and an hour and a half train ride from New York City.


Their goal for the weekend was to have a relaxing family vacation which allowed us to each do what we wanted or needed, whether that meant hiking, relaxing in the hot tub, cooking, baking, or in my case, sleeping a lot.


On Friday, we headed to Black Creek Preserve for an easy, relaxed hike. I wasn’t feeling up to the challenge of a longer hike so this 2.5-mile hike was the perfect distance. The trailhead was only 30 minutes from our weekend rental, perfect for a quick afternoon activity in between a relaxing morning of reading and an afternoon hot tub session.


The loop hike took us 1.5 hours and is perfect for people of all availabilities as well as canine friends, as we saw many leashed dogs along the trail.

IMG_1738IMG_1748 IMG_1750

The trail took us over a 120-foot suspension bridge, up a short switchback path, past small, pools, across streams, along an old stone wall, and along the Hudson River.


We paused when we reached the Hudson River to enjoy panoramic views and take pictures.

IMG_1754 IMG_1764 IMG_1771 IMG_1774

If you’re in the Hudson Valley and looking for a relaxing way to spend a morning or afternoon, definitely head to the Black Creek Trail. Each of us thoroughly enjoyed the hike though we are all at different fitness levels!