Sticking With What I Know

It’s another early morning in Houston! It has been a great trip thus far. For those of you who have asked, I spent most of yesterday in two of Houston’s malls, Galleria and Memorial City, participating in consumer research within the fragrance and cosmetic categories. It’s been very interesting thus far but it also meant that we spent all day yesterday on our feet. I also forgot how large suburban malls can get! We literally had to drive from one… View Post

Tuesday Tips: Keeping A Small Apartment Clean

Last month, I was invited to an event hosted by the makers of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda featuring the entertaining expert, Katie Lee. Unfortunately, due to work conflicts, I couldn’t attend the event. But, the sweet and knowedgeable team at Arm & Hammer promised that they’d have Katie answer any questions I may have via email. I quickly jumped at this opportunity as if there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far in New York City is that it’s very… View Post

It Must Be the Weather

It seems like everyone is feeling under the weather this week. I’m not sure if it’s the change in weather or just burning the candles at both ends but it seems like my co-workers and friends are either sneezing, aching, or coming down with fevers. Yesterday, I thanked my body for not letting me come down with the same bug that Theodora and Anne dealt with yesterday. Just to be safe, I made sure to focus on getting back on… View Post