Virtual Coffee Date – January 2017


Have a seat friends and refill that cup of coffee or glass of wine, depending on the hour, as it is time for a virtual date. A lot has transpired since our last date together. In fact, I feel as if the past few months have been a whirlwind and a blur, leaving us both a bit exhausted but very happy.  It’s incredible to reflect on how much has changed in just eight months. The home office we only finished designing a year ago is already starting to evolve into our nursery. The rest of our home has transformed into a cozy, though sometimes drafty, space where I can envision our life for at least the next few years.  I have a lot to share with you all tonight, so here goes.

  • If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that this weekend I overhauled my dresser drawers in search of more space. This search led me to discover that my workout clothes were taking up five drawers in my dresser, even though only six or seven of those pieces currently fit. I am storing all my workout clothing in a basket above our closet, but definitely need to get a few pieces especially a few more long sleeve workout tops.
  • If we were sitting together today, I would tell you that per the recommendation of so many people, Bo and I are trying to build weekly date nights into our routine as well as time to connect with friends.  I am doing my best to ensure I am able to remain present and not overwhelmed by these social commitments by only planning 1-2 per week instead of trying to pack a month’s worth into one week.
  • If we were sitting together today, I’d insist that you add two books to your reading list. Last year I read 31 books and have no doubt that this year I will reach my goal of reading at least 52 books, especially when I think of all those hours of breastfeeding that await me come June. However, two of the books I finished in January, still run through my mind each day more than any other book I read last year – It Ends With Us and All The Light We Cannot See. Though very different books, both evoked emotions and thoughts about difficult subjects in the most beautiful and touching ways. What’s the best book you read recently? 
  • If we were sitting together today, my face would get red as I admitted to you that last week, Bo and I found ourselves either eating out or eating delivery food every night. A combination of poor planning, evening commitments and work caused this but I don’t want it to become a habit. Years ago, when we lived in Gramercy, we survived on Seamless, ordering salads, sushi or Greek almost nightly. I pinned a few recipes that I’m hoping to prep ahead on Sunday so we can have a week worth of home cooked meals next week. This week we are already on the right track as a chicken is roasting in the oven right now.
  • If we were sitting together today, I would confide in you that I already have mom guilt and I haven’t even given birth. I always thought that Bo and I would capture each week of pregnancy, using the blocks our friends gave us to keep a timeline of the journey. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken a picture with the blocks in almost three weeks. This makes me sad as I know that I will want to look back on this pregnancy and remember all the milestones. Here’s hoping we can get better for the next 22 weeks.
  • If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you how surprised I am to enjoy my new work setup. I’ve recently started working from my company’s WeWork location in the Union Square area two to three days per week and am surprisingly enjoying the change of pace. I thought I would miss my work from home routine but instead have found that I thrive on the camaraderie, enjoy catching up with other friends who work in the area over breakfast or dinner dates and now value my work from home days even more.
  • If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you how excited I am about my upcoming trip to Des Moines, Iowa. Four of my college girlfriends are coming together for the first time in ages to enjoy a weekend of relaxation, catch up and fun together while also discovering our friend’s new city.
  • If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that I am so thankful for the Snoogle pregnancy pillow. I am borrowing my friend Amanda’s and thanks to that huge, awkward shaped pillow, after two weeks of restless, uncomfortable sleep, I slept wonderfully last night and didn’t wake up with back pain this morning.
  • If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that I just ordered a maternity swimsuit for lap swimming. Now that our membership to the YMCA provides us access to a large, beautiful indoor pool I have no excuse not to hop back in the pool. Many of my friends have raved that it helped them stay healthy throughout pregnancy and after giving birth, so even though the idea of getting in a bathing suit isn’t exciting, I’m going to dive in this weekend.

Your turn: What would you share with me? 


Not Our Average Weekend

Good morning! Similar to many of you, Bo and I have today off in honor of Martin Luther King Day. Unfortunately, this weekend continues to be one that is very different than what we envisioned.

Friday, Bo spent the day working from home as he was overcoming a 24-hour virus he caught Wednesday night. The virus included stomach pains, body aches, low fever and malaise. By Friday evening he was going stir crazy, so we enjoyed a date night.

Our evening started at the new Park Slope Orangetheory Fitness to celebrate their grand opening. My good friend, Heather, is the studio manager and has spent countless hours over the past few months getting the studio ready for business.

heather park slope orangetheory fitness park slope orangetheory fitness

After hanging out with Heather, her husband Scott and the Orangetheory team we headed to dinner at a new Fort Green restaurant, Lady’s. I discovered the new restaurant when searching for reservations on OpenTable and was delighted to give the Italian restaurant a try, especially since the initial reviews have been very strong. While the service was spotty, at best, the atmosphere was chic and inviting and the space was packed on Friday night. We started our dinner by sharing two appetizers, meatballs and beet salad, both of which were delicious. We continued the evening by trying their honey pizza, which was written up and celebrated in multiple reviews. Unfortunately, it was far too sweet for our taste, especially mid-dinner. We continued the night by sharing a pasta, as all their pasta is made fresh in-house. The chestnut campanelle, which was rich, creamy and flavorful, was the star of the meal.  We would definitely go back, though I think I’ll give them a month or so to improve their service as it took us 2.5 hours to enjoy dinner since the pasta course was served almost an hour after the previous course.

Ladys chestnut campanelle

Image courtesy of Grubstreet review.

Even though I thoroughly disinfected our home and slept in our spare bedroom, on Wednesday and Thursday night, by the end of our meal, I started to feel ill. I looked at Bo and asked if headache and sore throat were part of the virus. Unfortunately, he nodded, knowingly, and said that we should head home immediately.

I was in bed from 9:30 Friday night until 1pm Sunday. Over those 30 hours I experienced everything from low fever, headache, severe body aches, vomiting, and constant nausea. Moments like this make me so thankful for my mom and friends who are nurses as I was texting and calling them to ensure I was doing the right thing for myself and Baby Girl Diamond during the virus. I only took 2 doses of Tylenol during the time but made sure to force plenty of fluids and some basic foods, following the BRAT diet, down to give her sustenance.

brat diet

The time in bed provided me with time to catch up on my favorite television shows, watch a movie (Bridget Jones Baby), start a new series (Catastrophe) and make it halfway through the book, Present Over Perfect.

Giggle shopping

Yesterday afternoon, after holding down food and feeling much better, Bo and I headed out to do some nursery shopping at a few different baby stores including the new BuyBuyBaby at LibertyView in Brooklyn, Sprout, Giggles and finally Pottery Barn Kids. It was great to touch, feel and see some of the items we’d added to our online registry as well as finally make a decision on a few of our larger pieces, including stroller and crib.

Unfortunately, this morning, we woke up to find that half our building is without power which means that basically every other room has power. We do not have heat and we can’t use much of our kitchen. While we are lucky to have running water and internet, it still puts a burden on our final day of the three day weekend.  At this point, I’m just laughing off the long weekend and planning to spend the rest of today relaxing, reading and trying to enjoy as much of the day as possible.

How was your weekend? 


2017 Word of The Year

Well friends, 2017 is off to a pretty strong start thus far. Bo and I enjoyed a thoroughly relaxing staycation in Brooklyn which included two seasons of House of Cards, reading, writing thank you notes, a few great workouts, lots of cooking and even more sleep.  I’m starting off this short, four day work week feeling refreshed and ready to conquer both my work and personal to-do lists.

As I spent time reflecting on 2016 and looking forward to 2017, I tried to think about what I want out of this year. This year is going to be one of great change, as we plan to welcome Baby Girl Diamond into our home in mid-June.  I know that the next few months will quickly become a whirlwind between work, travel, preparing our home for her arrival and finally becoming a family of three.

Keeping these things in mind, as well as everything I learned last year, my word or focus for the year is CONNECTED.


Clearly this is not everyone who I want to build a deeper connection with in 2017. In fact, I realized that I took WAY too few pictures this year and can barely find pictures of some of my dearest friends and family.

Family & Friends – I want to focus on growing closer and more connected to the people who bring me joy and letting go of others.  Over the years, during multiple moves and life changes, I have worked tirelessly to keep every friendship strong when in reality, part of life is people flowing in and out of your life. Instead of forcing relationships which may naturally ebb and flow, I am focusing on staying connected and deepening my relationship with the people who made me happiest during 2016. I started doing this already this year by scheduling more intimate dates with friends versus only seeing them in larger group settings. In regards to family, these relationships can be complicated. Luckily, during 2016, I was able to build my relationship with my immediate family (mother, brother and father) last year and look forward to continuing to stay connected with them in an even more meaningful way this year. Since we live such different lives and so far apart, it was sometimes intimidating to stay connected but I’ve found – similar to some of my closest long distance friends, daily text messages and weekly phone calls go a long way.

Body – During my first trimester, I took things very easy, focusing on prenatal classes. While this was the right thing to do at that time, especially considering the fears I had during the first trimester of losing the baby, now that I am in week 16, I am trying to be better connected to my body’s needs. Over the past three days, I have felt more alive and energized than I have in weeks and I believe part of this is due to listening to what my body wants. My body has been craving sweat and cardio workouts versus the gentle workouts of the first trimester. This goal of being connected goes beyond workouts to food and rest. Some days, that may mean a homemade lasagna followed by hot chocolate and other days that may be a long walk/jog and acai bowl. Pregnancy has forced me to listen and I want to continue doing this throughout the next five months as well as post baby.