Using Exercise to Maintain My Sanity

Moving is stressful. Saying goodbye to friends is tough. Transitioning from one job to another brings a lot of unknown and complexities. Based on these three facts, the next six weeks should be a joy. Luckily, these days, even thirty minutes of physical activity can help relieve stress. Gone are the days when I crave a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to eat away my stress induced anxiety after a long day. These days, I’ve decided that my mantra for… View Post

We’re Coming Home…

Oh, how time flies. Just over two years ago, I posted big news on this blog. We were moving to Europe. I said that we were scared, nervous and unsure of what the future held but that we’d decided to hold hands and embark on the adventure together. It feels as if we’ve been living in a parallel universe where even some of the smallest everyday things present new and confounding challenges. We’ve visited 16 countries in 24 months and… View Post

An Indian Wedding Weekend in NYC – Part 1

Well, I think it’s safe to say that this weekend’s Indian wedding festivities were beyond our wildest dreams. I wore traditional Indian attire, which I rented, to two different events, was part of a 9:30am dance party which shut down part of Park Avenue for four blocks while my dear friend rode towards the Waldorf on a white horse, and danced for hours. This wedding left many of shaking our heads as traditional Christian weddings just don’t compare to the… View Post

The City That Never Sleeps

What a whirlwind week! While we have fun weekend plans on each end of this trip, I’ve spent Monday through Wednesday working from my old office. Reconnecting with old co-workers has been wonderful as well as hitting a few of my favorite lunch spots, such as Toasties as well as trying some newer places, like Treehaus. When I’m not working, I’m spending my time doing two of my favorite things – working out and connecting with friends! It never amazes… View Post