Getting to Know Megan Malasarte


Happy Tuesday guys! I have a fun post to share with you all today thanks to the team at Brooks Running.

Did you guys know that the Olympic Track & Field Trials take place in just a few weeks? My friends at Brooks thought it would be fun to give readers the opportunity to get to know some of the Brooks Beast athletes who are competing. I was thrilled to interview Megan Malasarte, a professional runner with whom I have a great deal in common. We both graduated from the University of Georgia, spent our days in between the hedges cheering at football games and burn off steam in the same way. She is an accomplished runner, placing 4th at the 2014 NCAA Outdoor Championships and is the indoor and outdoor record holder for the 800 meter at University of Georgia.  From the email exchange alone, you can tell that Megan is a wonderful and fun runner. I can’t wait to cheer for her next month in person while spectating the Track & Field trials with Brooks!

Megan Malasarte 2


What does your typical day look like right now, at the peak of training and competition?

o   Let’s say it’s a typical Monday. We will almost always meet at Brooks HQ at 10 a.m. and run to Green Lake from there to then do some technical drills and strides on the turf fields. Mondays are our easy days but are just as important as our workout days which are on Tuesdays and Fridays. Those days are the longest because we’ll have a workout in the morning, eat lunch, then get in our lift shortly after. On average, our practices can range from at least two to four hours every session. 

What is the your favorite piece of Brooks gear? 

o   My favorite piece of Brooks gear, which is totally a tough question because I have several favorites, is the Women’s LSD Running Jacket in white because it’s pretty versatile for most of my running outfits whether it’s 50s and rainy or 60s, slightly cool and windy. Bonus: it can pack itself into its own pocket in case you get too hot during the run!

x-default What do you to release stress? 

o   Not to seem too cliché, but retail therapy usually releases stress for me and sometimes that may just even mean going to a store to look around. I find it relaxing and enjoyable because I really like fashion and clothes. A more economically savvy way for me to release stress is going for an easy run around Green Lake. 

As a fellow UGA graduate, how did collegiate sports influence your time in Athens at the University of Georgia? 

o   Being a student-athlete at UGA completely shaped my college experience but in the best way possible. There may have been some events or experiences I missed out on by being a student-athlete but with that, I was able to travel and compete in places I had never been before, meet some of my best friends, and most importantly, it opened the door to professional running for me. So, GO DAWGS!UGA runner

How did you make the decision to go from collegiate to professional? 

o   I decided to continue my running career post-collegiately because I felt as though I had some unfinished business to take care of and then I was presented with this rare opportunity to run for such an awesome company. Opportunities like this don’t come often so I went for it! It would have been pretty difficult for me to conclude my running career after college because I love it so much!

What was your major at UGA? What do you miss most from your college days? 

o   I was a Digital and Broadcast Journalism major with a minor in Communication Studies. Oh man, I’d have to say I miss tailgating and going to football games the most because it was the real deal at Georgia. We would have long runs those mornings but it was always so fun because we’d run through campus and see everyone tailgating at 8 a.m.! A perk of being a student-athlete was getting into the sporting events for free including football games where the student-athletes had a certain section they got to sit in, right underneath the scoreboard behind the field goal. 

What food do you eat every day? 

o   It’s not the cheapest everyday food yet well worth it for the nutritional value, but I try to eat an avocado a day.

What has surprised you most about being a pro runner? 

o   The most surprising thing about being a professional runner is feeling as though I knew enough about running leaving college and then realizing as a pro, I know nothing. It’s like starting from scratch. I thought that once I turned running into my lifestyle and dedicated all my time, energy, and efforts into it that I’d see the results of that right away but that wasn’t the case. There’s this transitional period you have to experience and to trust the timing of it all. 

Many women deal with body insecurities regardless their size. There are hashtags like #ihavearunnersbody which helps break through stereotypes. Even though you are an accomplished athlete and runner, what is something that you have now embraced versus being self-conscious of it and what tips would you give to people? 

o   At this level, it’s so easy to fall into comparing your body image to others because everyone is so fit and toned. It turns into ‘who is the fittest of them all?.’ I’ve had insecurities about my stretch marks and my stomach but in time, I’ve learned to embrace them because they’re not qualities that hinder my running ability but more so, qualities that set me apart from the other runners. If I could give one tip to people, I would say own what you’ve got because people will take notice, not of insecurities, but in your self-confidence. Embrace you and all of you!

Be sure to follow Megan on Instagram and Twitter to be inspired by her on a daily basis!

Thank you to Brooks for providing me with this opportunity as part of the Brooks Run Happy Ambassador program. 


Dinner with Green Blender

green blender

Even though I didn’t run today’s Brooklyn Half Marathon, I had the pleasure of enjoying a relaxed, pre-race dinner with a lovely group last night in Long Island City thanks to Green Blender.

In case you’re not familiar with Green Blender yet, it is a smoothie delivery service which brings organic, farm-fresh smoothie ingredients to consumers in 30 different states. Founded two years ago Jenna Tanenbaum and her boyfriend Amir Cohen.  Each week their members receive enough pre-portioned ingredients to make either five large smoothies or five smaller smoothies. What truly sets them apart is the recipes and ingredients. The recipes range from their fan favorite Chocolate Chip Banana Bread to Creamy Orange Rhubarb.

green blender founders

green blender produce

After giving us a tour of the facility, Jenna and Amir served a delicious meal perfect for runners and non-runners alike.

group at green blender dinner

rainbow chard

None of us could get enough of the delicious Rainbow chard salad, oven roasted chicken thighs, roasted carrots, pesto or pasta. Cooked and prepared by our hosts, the food was delicious! There was rarely a lull in the conversation as our group had so much in common even though we’d just met before dinner.  (The group at dinner included @lilmissrunshine, @meghadoshi, @ohanaloverun, @milesfitter, @jennatanenbaum and @emilynachazel.)

dinner is served

I will share a full review of Green Blender with you guys in the next few weeks as I’m setting up my first delivery for the week following Memorial Day!

Hope you guys have a great day and congratulations to everyone who ran today, especially those people who ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

Your Turn: What’s your favorite smoothie combination? 



Friday Favorites – May 20th, 2016

savannah square

Happy Friday guys!  How was your week? Have any fun plans for the weekend?

I hope you guys have had a great week.  For the first time in ages, I actually feel energized even though it is Friday. I successfully completed week one of my renewed focus on my health and well being. By ensuring that each of my meals were filled with healthy, natural ingredients and that I was drinking plenty of water all week I found myself sleeping better, having more energy during the day and feeling better during my workouts. Due to my hamstring strain and my bruised cuboid my workouts have been limited to yoga, barre and some strength training. I will share more details around my meals in an upcoming post but these changes allowed me to lose 3 pounds this week, much of which I’m sure was water weight I was retaining from travel and the indulgent eating.

This weekend we have very little plans since most of the weekend initially revolved around the Brooklyn Half Marathon. While I’m sad to not run this race this year, I’m looking forward to catching up with a few friends at a pre-race pasta dinner that Green Blender is hosting tonight. The rest of our weekend plans include some yard work, making our way through a few items on our to-do list, working on a few guest posts as well as sipping wine and grilling outside.

  • If you live in NYC or visiting in the near future and are under the age of 35, you need to check out Lincoln Center’s program, LincTix. Specifically for people ages 21-35 this gives you access to $32 tickets and great seats for Lincoln Center shows. Last night Bo and I enjoyed a very NYC evening, walking up to Lincoln Center after work to enjoy The King and I from third row seats!
  • After this week’s orthopedic appointment, I’ve realized just how important it is to give my feet the proper support all year long. I’m upgrading my Summer sandal collection to include these gold wedges and these comfortable, yet in-style rose gold sandals. What can I say, I have a thing for shiny shoes.
  • I’m only on the fifth episode of season one so I have a lot of catching up to do before the new Girlmore Girls revival, A Year in The Life, premieres.
  • Finally, an explanation to why New Yorkers where so much black.
  • I’m sure the company behind these neon little, sticky sheets of paper fully supports this type of war.
  • You know a dress is a winner when you receive multiple compliments all evening long, even when you feel less than your best. My favorite feature of this black, silk dress is the gorgeous back detail. I can already tell this is going to make many frequent appearances for both work and weekend outings this Summer.
  • I loved this tank so much when I wore it to hot yoga, I have already ordered it in another color. The material is sweat-wicking and light weight while still being unbelievable soft. The fit is slightly more fitted than their other styles which ensures it doesn’t move during runs, yoga or barre classes.
  • Even though I can’t run right now, I am so inspired by Kelly’s journey to run a Boston Qualifying time. These videos and posts are just the inspiration I need to set some tough goals for myself this Summer once I heal.
  • In case you haven’t read Sheryl Sandberg’s commencement speech she gave at UC Berkeley, here is the edited version. While I disagreed with certain points in her book, Lean In, I absolutely love the raw emotion in this speech and her reflection on how her husband’s death has changed her for the better.

Okay friends, it’s time to finish the work day and enjoy a wonderful weekend!