Training Recap Week of September 21st

Another week of training is in the books which means another week closer to the beginning of half marathon craziness. I’m running three half marathons in a one month period and while I know my body will be ready for a break come November 8th, I couldn’t be more excited!

The fact that my body is healthy and has responded well to training provides me with the energy and motivation needed to focus these next few weeks. I know that this is the time to be smart and not dabble in too many extra-curricular workout classes which could leave my legs and body tired for race day. For the sake of my legs, I’ve made a commitment to myself and Jess that last week was the last week of saying yes to all the workouts for the sake of being social. Even though cross training is important, too much is not a good idea.


Based on my training schedule, most of my October ClassPass workouts will be either running or yoga classes though I can include a few Bar Method classes in there for cross training; as long as that is what the plan calls for that day. The HIIT classes will have to make a return to my schedule come November.  I can’t wait to return to Brooklyn Body Burn as well as try Exceed, BFX and ShadowBox!

Last week’s workout schedule

Monday: I joined a few of NYC blogger friends  for an evening Barre3 class. While it was a fun friend date and good workout, I’m not sure I’d do Barre3 again. I didn’t love the class format as I felt that it was very leg focused, whereas most barre classes I’ve taken balance the movements and engage the entire body equally. There also wasn’t as much stretching and lengthening which I’ve come to enjoy in Bar Method classes.

Tuesday: Thanks to ClassPass, I discovered that there is a great yoga studio just two blocks from our apartment. I really enjoyed the early morning open level yoga class at Area Yoga. The teacher opened all the windows, allowing the fall breeze to keep us cool and treated each student to a lavender neck rub during savasana! Later that night I headed down to Brooklyn Bridge Park for an easy, five mile run enjoyed while listening to Another Mother Runner podcasts.

Wednesday: I listened to my body and slept in well past my typical 5:15 wake-up. Ten hours of sleep was exactly what my body needed as I felt fresh and strong when I did my speed work that night. I looked like a crazy person doing the 8 x 400 repeats up and down my block but hey, keeping it close to home made things really easy. I headed over to Bend and Bloom Yoga during my cool down run, looking forward to taking a yoga class from Christine, one of my favorite bloggers. I didn’t realize that it was an Open+ class, meaning a more advanced version of their open class. I muttered a few expletives during the billion standing splits but by the end my body felt like a loose, melted noodle and was very thankful for another day of yoga.


Thursday: Even though their morning classes typically book the fastest, last week’s 6 AM Bar Method class only had four people! The small class allowed the teacher to adjust us constantly and focus on our form. In case you can’t guess, the result meant more butt burning and ab screaming fun. The last thing I wanted to do that night was head to into the city for New Balance Girl’s Night Out workout but I knew that I was meeting Zoe and Sashea there for the workout. I’m proud of myself for playing it smart and not pushing myself too hard and instead doing many of the modifications.

Friday: I’ve come to embrace REST days, making sure to make the most out of each one. This week I treated myself to ten hours of sleep, a longer than normal shower and a 30 minute massage at a small Asian body works place down the block. While it looks a bit sketchy on the outside, the Yelp reviews and multiple recommendations from friends is enough to keep me going back to enjoy their inexpensive massages.

Saturday: After a day of pumpkin shopping, gardening and housework, Bo and I headed out for an easy 3 mile shake out run late Saturday afternoon, focusing more on our conversation than our pace. Neither of us tracked the pace and instead focused on making sure we were running a relaxed pace.

Sunday: I had the opportunity to run one of my favorite races; the Bronx 10 mile race, after three years away. I’ve already penciled this race on my race calendar for next year. If you’re a NYC local, I can’t recommend it enough. If the distance is what worries you, embrace it and either download a new book or podcast on your iPhone to help the subway ride pass more quickly or make a day of it enjoying brunch up there before heading home.

Your turn: In preparation for the upcoming half marathons, I need to build a new playlist. What is your favorite song right now!? 


ClassPass Fun & Bend&Bloom Yoga Review

I don’t know where you guys are, but here in New York City the weather has been perfect this week. The nice weather has motivated me to get out more than usual for lunch and workout dates. Working from home, these are great and healthy ways to break up my day and provide me with some human interaction beyond conference calls.

The workout dates are even easier these days as I finally hopped on the ClassPass bandwagon. In fact, Bo and I both signed up for ClassPass this week. Who would have thought!? We realized that even at the $125 price point, if we each take just four to five classes per month the membership pays for itself since the average NYC boutique studio class costs $18-$35.  As a member, I’m able to follow other friends so we can easily schedule workouts together (follow me here) and discover new studios.

brooklyn classpass

After just one day, we both are really enjoying the ease of using the app and website to find classes. I did a review of my ClassPass trial back in July, but now that I’m a member I’ll keep you guys posted as we experience the membership, sharing our favorite workouts and experiences.

When using the location filter, I was amazed to see that they have over 120 studios in Brooklyn, including Bend+Bloom Yoga, where I practiced last night.  The lovely Christine invited me to join her for a Open Flow+ evening class.  She didn’t have to ask me twice, as I’ve followed Christine on Instagram for ages, in awe of her gorgeous and colorful yoga pictures.  I knew that any studio where she spends her time would be a great one!


Located just past the intersection of Gowanus and Park Slope, the studio is tucked into a row of brownstones on Sackett Street. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by a warm, well lit entry area stocked with not only seating and a cute boutique but also complimentary tea and cookies. How fun is that? The front desk staff was super friendly, making sure I found my way around the studio and was ready for class. In addition to the tea and cookies the studio offers a bathroom and filtered water for students. While there aren’t showers, the private bathroom is spacious and would allow for a quick wet wipe bath and dry shampoo spritz before work.

IMG_4546 IMG_4549

The spacious and bright studio offers over 65 classes per week including sunrise flow and a sweet relief yoga class which blends yin yoga with restorative poses.  Who wants to book a date for the restorative class? That sounds heavenly right about now! For the moms who are reading this post, they also have a full schedule of children’s yoga classes!

Last night’s Open Flow + class was a challenging class which focused on proper activation of the hamstrings and glutes. While Christine saw me grimacing more than once, by the time we reached the much anticipated savasana, my body felt wonderful. Throughout the class she adjusted each student at least a few times, helping ensure they could feel the proper alignment of each move and engage the proper muscles.  She also provided a few minutes both in the middle and end of the class for free flow, assisting students such as myself as we moved into more challenging poses and inversions.


If you’re on ClassPass you can find them here or hop over to their site to sign up for a class. They have a great special for new students, 3 classes for $30!

Your turn: If you’re in New York City, what is your favorite studio?






Training Recap – Week of September 14th, 2015

Don’t mind me guys – I’m just going to hang out in down dog as much as possible this week. My hips and glutes are not happy with me after this weekend’s Reach the Beach adventure. I did my best to stretch in the van but no amount of stretching or rolling with the stick can balance the hours of sitting in between running up the hills of New Hampshire. It was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share more details with you guys this week including a recap of the overall event, my suggested packing list for anyone doing a Ragnar or other relay race and last but not least a review of my favorite New Balance gear from the weekend. It’s going to be a jam packed week content wise!


Let’s kick the week off with last week’s training recap, giving you all an overview of the workouts I did last week leading up to and including Reach the Beach.

Monday:  This after work Bar Method 60 minute mixed level class was harder than normal due to the water ski move, an extra tuck session and increasing the hand weights from 3 and 4 pounds to 4 and 5 pounds.

Tuesday: After giving my body some extra rest, I had to run my 6 miles after work. Evening miles rarely go as well as morning miles as my body feels sluggish and my legs tend to feel heavier. I ran through Brooklyn Bridge Park and Dumbo at a 9:42 pace while enjoying gorgeous sunset views.

Wednesday: My legs were definitely a bit heavy for the 7 AM Bar Method 60 minute mixed level class since it was less than 12 hours after I finished my run, but it still felt good to squeeze in a second class. Each class I become a bit more familiar with the moves which means I can better adjust myself though the classes are still very challenging.

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: The Reach the Beach fun started on Friday and my first leg was 7.3 sweaty miles which took place between 1 PM to 2 PM in little to no shade. The temperature reached 89 degrees on Friday which meant that i was beet red by the end of this run. I was able to keep a strong pace, averaging around a 9:30.

Saturday: My final two legs were on Saturday starting in the middle of the night! I ran 6.4 miles through small neighborhoods and farms from 1 AM and 2 AM. I absolutely loved the night running, surrounded by nothing but the bright moon and stars. I turned off my music for part of the run, just enjoying the peace and quiet. The 55 degree temperatures allowed me to run stronger than earlier even though it was my second leg. I kept a sub 9 pace for these miles and was smiling the entire time, even on the hills. My third and final leg was an opposite experience. The 6.7 mile run left me cursing the hills, wishing for Fall temperatures and using every mental game in the book to keep moving. The heat index was around 95 when I ran, officially making this the hottest Reach the Beach event to date and explaining why my average pace dropped to a 10:05.

Brooklyn Craft Beer

Sunday: Before enjoying a much needed manicure and pedicure, I spent 30 minutes on my yoga mat. I streamed the 26 minute Jasyoga full body recovery video which helped release some of the tightness in my hips and quads. I should have done a few more videos but instead I chose to recover at the Brooklyn Beer Festival. Oops.

Your turn: Inspired by yesterday’s craft beer festival, tell me what your favorite Fall beer is so I can add it to my list of beers to try!