A few wise words from Scarlett Johansson

Since we’ve been together, Scarlett Johansson has always topped Bo’s “list” (remember on Friends when Ross and Rachel each had a list?). In terms of looks, she’s pretty much my opposite. She normally is seen sporting gorgeous strawberry blonde locks, is 5’3, and has a true feminine build complete with curves and lucious lips. But, when it comes to her views on stars and weight loss we’re on the same wave length. This article, while quite short, speaks volumes and I highly suggest it. How refreshing is it to hear that even with all the personal trainers in the world getting in “spandex shape” is never easy.

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Google docs rocks and my first giveaway!

It’s almost Friday and I’ve been so excited about this post all day long during work, as my thighs quivered during Physique, and while perusing the produce section at Whole Foods in preparation for tonight’s dinner. The blog world has been so helpful in my transition to New York City as it has allowed to meet amazing women who I not only have health and fitness in common with but also enjoy their company and friendship. Lately we’ve spent our afternoons sending emails or gchats back and forth trying to figure out which class or gym the other is going to that evening. I missed out on hanging with Missy and Dori last week because I forgot they were going to Physique and then yesterday I missed out on the awesome opportunity to get in some stretching and grooving with them at Yoga. I realized that a simple Google Document, if used properly, could be the answer to all of this. Therefore, i’ve created the following NYC Workout Schedule. I’ve updated this document with my workout and race schedule and hope each and every NY/NJ reader will do the same! Hopefully each NYC reader will click on the above link and put their information in there and then update it. This way we can have random meetings at races, classes, or even regular gym workouts! Every magazine talks about finding alternative ways to hang out with friends beyond drinks and dinner. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Melissa, Dori, and others through working out and hope you will too! Maybe some of the Charlotte, Orlando, and Boston folks can do something similar.
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