Winter Beach Walk on Tybee Island

Editor’s Note: If you participated in the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K don’t forget to submit your times here and email me your pictures as we will be choosing winners by December 31st! Also, check out the photo album here!  Yesterday was a wonderful recovery day in every sense of the word. We slept in until our bodies woke us up, we were in no hurry, and spent the day enjoying a lazy morning, long walk on the beach,… View Post

A Busy Day at the Beach

  What can I say? The fresh air, long run, good food, and bocce games took it out of us. After everyone finished their runs we made lunch and were entertained by our new guest, Isabelle. Isabelle is the second baby our group of girlfriends has had but she was the only one to make the trip down to the beach this weekend. She had more outfit changes than Brittney Spears and was the center of attention all day. My… View Post

Toes in the Sand

Life is good! I have reunited with my college sorority sisters and you’d never know that it’s been a year since we saw each other. Robin, my fellow sorority sister who also lives north of Mason Dixie, met me at the Charleston Airport. We are staying at her family’s house on Edisto Island this weekend so I was happy to have an expert navigator next to me for the ride. She wasn’t too enthusiastic about the fact that it’d been… View Post

How to Celebrate A Birthday

We aren’t on a tropical vacation or even enjoying a huge, fancy birthday party today for my mom’s 60th birthday. But, I’m not going to lie, I think we’ve enjoyed every minute of her 60th year thus far! We woke up early and enjoyed a five mile walk on the beach. We fueled a day of shopping with a few of our favorite things including fountain Diet Coke, Panera, and bananas! Now we’re off to enjoy dinner at our favorite… View Post