Condensed and Intense Circuit Workout

Good morning from the friendly Delta skies. I have heard this line many times but today especially, I really have such gratitude for the Delta team at JFK.


I had a really bad taxi experience this morning as we arrived at JFK and the taxi told me his credit card machine wasn’t working. After some tough words and the help of a nearby police officer he finally “fixed” the problem. I was so flustered thinking about this and getting excited about the bachelorette weekend that as I went through security, I left my carry on suitcase. I didn’t notice it because the weight of my computer bag on my shoulder and how rushed I was to make it down to the gate in time and get breakfast. As I walked to the gate they asked me if I needed a pink tag. That’s when I looked down and realized I didn’t have my bag. I am so blessed that they did everything in their power, with only 10 minutes before the plane door had to close, to get my bag back to me. Sweet Dorothy drove like a madwoman screaming in her Jamaican accent that I had a wedding to get to and had to get my bridesmaid dress at security to anyone who stood in the way of her cart. This sounded better in her opinion then “move this woman has a bachelorette to get to and a race to run” but it was hilarious regardless. The security team even met us halfway since we were going all the way from Delta terminal 2 to terminal 4. So while I know that Delta, nor any airline for that matter, is perfect, they definitely one a point in my book today. I wish I could give each of them holiday bonuses!

Now that I’ve shared a story of gratitude with y’all let’s get on to the post!


If you are a long time reader, then you know that my go to travel breakfast is Starbucks. A perfect oatmeal, banana and iced unsweetened green tea just can’t be beat! I normally add the package of nuts to the oats for some added protein and healthy fats along with a dash of the brown sugar.


If you’ve never tried adding brown sugar to your oatmeal you definitely should as a little bit goes a long way and the flavor can’t be beat!


I’m enjoying this morning’s oatmeal with a banana and a side of studying. I am getting PADI Scuba certified this year, finally, and it requires some studying in advance. On December 11-13th I will spend time in the pool each night from 8-11pm with Pan Aqua in New York doing all my course work and after completing the 3 nights and passing 4 tests I’ll be able to do my 4 qualifying dives down in St. Croix over New Years!

Condensed and Intense Boot Camp

I realized, going through pictures this morning, that I forgot to share an awesome boot camp Bo created for us last week. We both wanted to work off some of the wine and turkey we enjoyed on Thursday and figured that a boot camp together was a perfect option. But, don’t worry, this workout can be done on your own at a gym as well. The entire workout took us 45 minutes but you can do bits and pieces of it or just 1 circuit group if you’re short on time!


Cardio Blast #1:

  • 1 minute jumping jacks
  • 1 minute jump rope

Strength Blast #1

Cardio Blast #2:

  • Set a treadmill to 1 incline and spring 1/2 mile as fast as possible while maintaining the same speed the whole time and ensuring you don’t overexert yourself. For reference, Bo went at 8.5 and I went at 7.8.

Strength Blast #2

Cardio Blast #3

  • Set a treadmill incline to 11.0 and walk a half mile as quickly as possible, pumping your arms for momentum. For reference, Bo and I both walked at 4.0-4.5 for the half mile.

Strength Blast #3  (repeat #2)

Cardio Blast #4

  • On a rowing machine set the resistance to flywheel resistance to 7 then row 1,000  meters as quickly as possible ensuring proper form is maintained the entire time to reduce risk of injury.

As always, be sure to do some gentle warm-up and stretching before any workout and go at your own pace.

Question: I’m working on a video series of workouts that you all can do on your own over the holidays whether you’re in your parents basement, in your tiny apartment, or at a hotel. Any special requests? My goal is for the first video to go live by next Friday, in time for those people starting the holidays early!


Hitting the Reset Button

After running a marathon (see recap Part 1 and Part 2) and spending the week following those 26.2 miles eating, drinking, relaxing, and ringing in the holiday season with friends and family it is definitely time for a reset.


There has been a great deal of wine, rich foods and carbohydrate loading in my life lately.


In fact, due to the marathon I think I forgot what it felt like to enjoy a day of clean eating and a really tough workout. So, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a multi-day cleanse from one of the many New York City cleanse boutiques, I’m saving my money and instead just getting back to basics with clean eating, reduced caffeine, more water, more sleep, and more intense total body workouts.

I kicked off the day around 7:30 with warm lemon water to aid in digestion.


At 9am I enjoyed a new version of oatmeal at my desk, thanks to inspiration from Tosca Reno. Her recipe for apple pie oatmeal was easy, delicious, and included healthy fats that kept me full all morning. It was also fun to change up the flavors since I’m so accustomed to my daily banana oatmeal. I made sure to remember my daily vitamins and supplements this morning as well. I find that taking the in the morning with breakfast gives me a little boost of energy all day long.


For lunch, I reduced the processed carbs, caffeine and cheese from my meal by focusing on nutrient rich vegetables and clean protein sources in my salad and cut out the normal side items. I found that increasing the size of my salad filled me enough that I didn’t need anything else for a couple of hours. Today’s combination (romaine, salmon, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, broccoli, peppers, egg whites, salt, pepper, dash of olive oil, and a squirt of lemon juice) was a new one and I really liked the lemon juice kick paired with the crisp vegetables!


Around 4pm I had a mid afternoon snack which was supposed to be a banana and a handful of almonds. Unfortunately, the banana didn’t fare to well during the morning commute. Instead, I munched on a pear and almonds along with 2 cups of herbal tea.


I met Melissa for Work It Circuit at Uplift Studios after work since we were both craving a workout and some quality time together.

Workit Circuit: Total Body Cardio/Strength with Bodyweight
This class offers continuous cardio-arms-legs-core circuits to confuse your muscles and get an intense total body workout. Using only your body weight, you will work each major muscle group to fatigue – then do it all again. Shoes required.

This class kicked my butt and left me panting by the half way point! Michelle is not messing around with this class and you literally don’t stop for the entire 55 minutes! At one point my marathon legs were screaming, reminding me that I ran a marathon a week ago. By the 3rd set I focused on form more than speed as I wanted to make sure not too injure anything.


I didn’t pick up dinner until 8:15 due to the class and all I knew was that I needed lots of protein and needed food quickly. Melissa and I stopped into Hale and Hearty where I was able to pick up a small soup and large spinach salad packed with protein to help quell my screaming hunger.


Even after such an indulgent week, the past 12 hours of healthier eating and drinking are already having a positive affect on my body.

Since I have a half marathon to run on Saturday and a trip to St Croix coming up in exactly a month, you may see more of these food and workout posts as I find they definitely help me stay on track and motivated.

What are your favorite ways to eat clean? Is there a snack or salad ingredient I should try? Or, do you have a favorite decaf tea you rely on when trying to reduce caffeine?


Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

..let it storm, let it storm, let it storm.

We are definitely in hunker down mode here in New York City. Last night Meg came over as her building was evacuated and the three of us have been enjoying a few good movies and relaxing since then. Last night we enjoyed roasted chicken and vegetables while catching up on many DVR shows such as Parenthood, Modern Family, Revenge, and Homeland.

This morning I slept until 8, when my alarm summoned me to wake up and start working from home. All three of us were up working on our computers while the wind started whipping outside. Since the New York Stock Exchange is shut down today and tomorrow Bo was allowed to work from home. It turns out that finding a taxi would have been hard because when Meg and I walked to the grocery store around 9 the streets were eerily empty.


We started the day off on a healthy note with pumpkin spice smoothies. They were missing spinach though as the grocery store was already out of stock last night. On the side, throughout the day, I’m sipping a very beet juice that I found in the produce aisle that is filled with red vegetables and fruits such as beets, tart cherries, berries, and more!


After finishing a few hours of work Meg and I decided to head out on an adventure to check things out in the neighborhood before the wind and rain strengthened.


We walked 2 miles in total and while we were only gone for 30 minutes, the weather changed dramatically during that time. We walked down to the East River to see how high the water was peaking during low tide. We weren’t the only crazy people out and about but you can tell the police are getting ready to crack down since the worst is coming quickly. IMG_5535



After our adventure we returned home for lunch and an afternoon filled with warm herbal tea and the first of AFI Top 100 films we are conquering today, Lord of the Rings, on in the background. My lunch plate was delicious, consisting of a turkey sandwich, Pop Chips, and some raw vegetables paired with hummus on the side.


I hope everyone is staying safe and dry on the East Coast and that the rest of the country is having a nice Monday.

If you’re home due to the storm, what are you doing to keep your mind off the weather outside?


Back on Track

Curious what a back on track day looks like in pictures and words? Enjoy and welcome to a day in my world!

Morning Run (5:45-6:15am)

Good morning New York. While I don’t always love your slow tourists or the traffic, running up Lexington and seeing the lights on the Empire State Building illuminated over the city. There is nothing like friendly bodega men sweeping their sidewalks and giving cat calls at 6am.


Breakfast (8:15am)

Oats, protein powder and an apple heated in a microwave makes for quite the Fall breakfast, especially on a cooler than expected morning. Pair it with a side of chai tea and it’s like fall in a cubicle.


Lunch (1pm)

Oh hello lovely greens. I forgot how much this fiber and protein could fill me up and keep me energized all afternoon. I’ve upgraded my salads from romaine to spinach permanently. That in itself makes me feel better about my lunch time choices. This salad was so large that I didn’t even crave bread! I enjoyed an afternoon tangelo and a handful of almonds later in the afternoon since I knew I had an evening workout.


Workout (6-7pm)

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Uplift Studios, I spent an hour sweating and stretching with Dori, Missy, Marielle, and other local fitness bloggers. I returned to my first love, Fit & Flow, a class that combines 30 minutes of heart pounding and muscle quiver inducing exercises with 30 minutes of relaxing yoga flow. I’m a huge fan of Michelle, who led the “fit” portion of the class. She uses the timer method so you know exactly how much longer you have and how hard you should push your body. Some of the moves left me dripping and panting. All of us agreed that the first 30 minutes almost had us in tears at points!


Another fun aspect of Uplift Studios is the community aspect. Everything about the studio invites conversation and mingling: open bar, open layout, mirrors, open locker rooms, and friendly space. We enjoyed some healthy sips and bites while catching up and talking all things social media and workout related.


Oh yeah, they even offer phone chargers so you can recharge your phone while you recharge your body!

Dinner (8:30pm)

Dinner at 8:30pm means that it needs to be quick and easy in addition to being healthy. While this may not be beautiful, a Thomas Bagel Thin with some Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese served alongside egg white and veggie scramble is the perfect option!


Okay your turn! I need some salad inspiration once again. What’s your favorite topping these days and why? Ten points if it is something I can find on a salad bar or at one of my local “chopped salad” places.