Welcome to the Time Warp

Hello, hello from New York City! I’m in a weird time warp right now as jet lag hasn’t really hit me but I feel as if I’m repeating days since my Sunday was SUPER long due to the time change. I left Verbier at 5am Sunday on the AlpyBus back to the Geneva Airport in order to catch a 9:15am flight to Amsterdam. The wakeup time was not easy as I didn’t sleep well Saturday night. Even though I was… View Post

Debate: My Company Doesn’t Pay for Hotel Gyms

Greetings from Rome!! If you follow me on social media you may have seen pictures of the sights I visited last night with a gracious co-worker. She not only guided us to the Trevi Fountain but also a delicious dinner spot which will receive a dedicated post because it was amazing and a local spot! Win, win in my book. Today during lunch with some colleagues and media partners we started talking about travel routines. I mentioned that I do… View Post

Morning Run in San Francisco

Greetings from another new city – San Francisco! After a day filled with meetings and a very interesting flight down via Alaska Air.The below picture of my oh so lovely dinner is a perfect example of just how luxurious business travel is – not. Our terminal had only two dinner options: Burger King or a small bagel cafe.   I crashed in bed at 9:30pm and didn’t budge until 6:30am. Needless to say I was beyond exhausted. When I woke… View Post


Greetings from New York City where the current time is 9:51pm. My body feels and thinks it is 3:51am however since I’m still very much on Europe time after spending 13 days on that time zone. You know what’s really fun though? Flying out to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow at 6am so my body can be really, really confused. Yup, by the time I land in New York City Friday evening, I will have logged 21,000 miles in less than… View Post