An Impromptu 24 Hours in NYC

Instead of saying hello from Geneva, we are still in New York City! Last night as we were boarding our flight from JFK to Paris, Delta announced that they were looking for volunteers to give up their seats on the oversold flight. Without thinking twice, Bo and I jumped in line to happily trade in our seats on yesterday’s flight for a spot on today’s flight. As Bo spoke with the Delta agent I quickly emailed, called and texted a… View Post

Jumping for Joy

Man has today been incredible! How can you not jump for joy when the weather is this beautiful? I can’t appreciate today’s weather nearly as much as my NYC friends who have dealt with the freezing weather but it’s still amazing! I also think it’s impossible for me to do anything fun like jumping without opening my mouth! #akwardforthewin I woke up this morning for a Soul Cycle date with my sister in law Meg and running buddy Meghan. Did… View Post


Tonight I took a break from my endless work to-do list and stepped away from my desk for some quality time in Central Park. While the running community in New York City seems so small since one often starts seeing the same faces, it never ceases to amaze me. Just a few days ago Abby Bales teamed up with the amazing movement Pavement Runner started to organize a #BostonStrongNYC. This Central Park based run for Boston a week after the… View Post

Oatmeal Smiles and Restorative Yoga

This has been one of those weeks when I can look back on the week’s craziness and smile. Did I take a conference call from the office on Thursday that didn’t end until 9:45pm? Sure! But, I also practiced my intuitive eating, balance, and helped a few co-workers along the way. Life is about the little things sometimes, including a small reward at the bottom of my breakfast mug. What? You don’t have a smile painted at the bottom of… View Post