Neon Lights and Shrimp Done Right

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After a long day of travel and mourning, all we wanted was a no pressure evening of good food, multiple beers, and laughs.

Dad even had a piece of birthday corn. Oh well, guess it wasn’t the birthday he wanted. 😉

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Vega Good Giveaway

As promised, I am hosting a Vega Good giveaway!


Last week, I had the great opportunity to learn about this product and other Vega products directly from Brendan Brazier, vegan pro triathalete and author of Thrive.

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Sunday R&R and Posto Thin Crust Pizza Review

Sunday evenings are all about some much needed rest and relaxation!

After saying goodbye to Meg and Spencer this afternoon Bo and I ran some errands including the grocery store, drug store, and gym!

After returning home I had to finish a work project while Bo read on the couch. Then the real fun began! We spent the evening on the couch watching and laughing at season 1 of 30 Rock, researching Word Press templates, and working on blog updates!

Dinner came from Seamless web as we were both craving thin crust pizza! Post Thin Crust Pizza is in our neighborhood and received rave reviews on both Menu Pages and Zagat.
Zagat says: “Crispy”, “gossamer-thin” crusts accessorized with a “tremendous assortment of toppings” make for “heaven on a plate” at this “hip” Gramercy pizza purveyor; sure, the quarters are “tight” and the sidewalk seats overlook “blah Second Avenue”, but at least the pricing is “kind.”

They feature a nine grain organic crust option for only $0.50 extra, over 40 individual topping options, and their individual pie starts at just $6.50!

Mushroom is my favorite pizza topping so their Shroomtown was perfect!  
Shroomtown ($12.00, $24.00) Marinara Sauce & Cheese, Portobello, Shitake, Button Mushrooms, White Truffle Oil

Delicious, crispy, and fresh are the best way to describe this pizza!

I highly recommend trying Posto Thin Crust pizza if you’re in NYC.

Posto Thin Crust pizza
310 Second Avenue

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In a New York Minute…

The last 24 hours have been SO much fun! Really, life is absolutely awesome right now for us and we’ve been lucky to be surrounded by great friends!

Last night we had dinner with the lovely Jess and Jacquie at Gramercy Tavern. Even though we’ve lived three blocks away for over two months we still had not tried this New York institution. In fact, after hearing that Jacquie has a special relationship with this restaurant, we chose to wait until her arrival. It was fabulous as was the company. A thorough review will be coming soon because it is more than deserving. We had a great meal, wonderful laughs, and fun with friends!

IMG_3511   This may be the most adorable restaurant bathroom ever! Yes, those are all fresh flowers! IMG_3528 IMG_3520 Jacquie was able to point us in the right direction when it came to dessert. Clearly we were ready to indulge. Hey, life is about moderation, right?IMG_3514 IMG_3513 Sweet BreadsIMG_3512

Calamari and carrot salad


Our good friends Meg and Spencer are spending the weekend with us. This is Spencer’s first trip to New York City so we wanted to ensure we could squeeze as much as possible into his 36 hour trip.

We met this morning at 8:30 because we had places to go and things to see!

First stop: Empire State Building

Copy of IMG_3532 Copy of IMG_3531 Copy of IMG_3530 Copy of IMG_3529

IMG_3535 IMG_3555 IMG_3554 IMG_3544

Our trip to the Empire State Building was perfect. We got there at 9:30 which meant there were no lines and the staff was still in a great, very friendly mood!

Our next stop was the Mint Rental Car location.


IMG_3561  Ever seen a car elevator?!IMG_3562

Vroom, vroom! Meg recently had leg surgery which meant her mobility isn’t up to it’s normal levels. Bo and I wanted to make sure that Meg and Spencer were able to see the entire city. We took advantage of a Gilt special this week and purchased a year membership to Mint for $40 which also included a $75 driving credit!

This ended up being a perfect option as it allowed us to navigate the city from the Statue of Liberty views at the Southern most tip IMG_3567 IMG_3565 IMG_3563 all the way to Spanish Harlem! It’s a good thing Bo enjoys driving in the city.

Two hours later we parked the car and quickly dashed across the street for a delicious snack and sightseeing tour.


After a quick lunch and tour we headed to the Time Square to grab the 7 train to Flushing Meadows. The UGA Alumni Association offered discount tickets to the Braves vs Mets game this afternoon which was a perfect outing for a group of Georgia natives. Furthermore, Spencer is a HUGE Braves fan. Forty minutes later we arrived at Flushing Meadows within steps from the stadium. There were dark clouds in the distance but luckily they held off and game ended up being filled with sunshine.

IMG_3571 IMG_3570IMG_3577

Our seats were on the promenade level at Citi Field which meant we had a great view of everything! It’s still weird to see Pepsi signs everywhere after growing up surrounded by Coca Cola.

The best parts of the game included the Braves win and the food! IMG_3581IMG_3582

IMG_3586 IMG_3583IMG_3584IMG_3585     IMG_3579

The Shake Shack and a Blue Moon makes for a perfect baseball game viewing experience. The Shake Shack fries are worth waiting in line for but the burger didn’t meet expectations. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad at all and tasted very fresh. But, after having it once I don’t think I’d try it again. I do however want to try one of their city locations. I know that restaurants in stadiums and airports are often license locations. Therefore, the quality may not have been equal to one of their main locations.

After an express ride back into the city we ended our night with a perfect sunset at Frying Pan!

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