I Feel Home

Tonight I felt like I was at home. An old school favorite song of mine from high school and early college days even sang in my head as I cooked.

Even though our furniture isn’t set to arrive until Friday at 8am, I hosted someone in the flat for the first time tonight! Maybe it’s my Southern roots or just my upbringing but there is nothing I love more than opening my home to friends, whether it’s 1 or 20, and sharing a bottle of wine while enjoying homemade meal and conversation.

I realized this morning that I kept putting off hosting my girlfriends merely because I didn’t feel I could properly host without our furniture, fresh flowers and a spotless home. But, an evening like tonight is far more important than any of that. When I realized that Emily was working late and hadn’t gone to the grocery store due to a weekend trip to Amsterdam I thought it was the perfect opportunity to host and use some of the produce on their last legs. IMG_0929

Within an hour of walking through the door the apartment was cleaner than it’s been in the five weeks I’ve been here and the candles aroma filled the apartment.  It wasn’t a fancy evening but it was one more step in making Geneva feel like home versus an extended work trip.


We laughed over stories from our respective weekends and sipped a local white chardonnay. Since I was starving I put together a quick cheese plate with a Manchego and Brie cheese bought from the store this evening paired with some crackers and cornichons. Our main course was a dinner salad featuring a bed of baby spinach topped with freshly sliced and salted tomatoes, figs, goat cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and grilled chicken sausage. The chicken sausage was a bit random as I swore it was just chicken when I took it out of the freezer this morning in my pre-run morning stupor, but it did the job.




Greetings from New York City where the current time is 9:51pm. My body feels and thinks it is 3:51am however since I’m still very much on Europe time after spending 13 days on that time zone. You know what’s really fun though? Flying out to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow at 6am so my body can be really, really confused.

Yup, by the time I land in New York City Friday evening, I will have logged 21,000 miles in less than a week. That is insane and hard to fathom. What’s even harder to fathom is having a super, strong PR worthy 10k race on Saturday morning during the New York Road Runner’s Oakley 10K.

Instead of throwing in the towel on this race, I’m doing the opposite and revving up my system for a great race by focusing on myself this week even though I’ll be traveling. This means plenty of sleep, back on the vitamin and supplement wagon, strong but efficient workouts, stretching, and smart eating and drinking choices. It won’t always be easy but I know that a PR will feel sweeter than any late nights or 3rd glasses of wine. You see that? I’m not being silly and saying no wine, I’m saying moderation.

Here’s how I started the reset process today in between a long work day and an evening filled with both fun and tedious errands including another shellac manicure, long line at the post office, dry cleaning, and meeting with the movers (!!!?!).


From top:

Peach Protein Oats including 1/2 c rolled oats, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp almond extract, 1 scoop Designer Whey vanilla protein powder, water, and 2/3 c peaches.

Salad #1 for lunch including mixed greens, beets, red onions, grilled chicken, egg whites, apples, tomatoes, salt & pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

Speed workout on the treadmill is the perfect way to end a long day when torrential rains force me inside. Today I did 1/2 mile pick ups (6.2, 6.4, 6.2, 6.5, 6.2, 6.7) for a speedy 5k while jamming to Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ludacris, and Icona Pop.

Salad #2 for dinner including a large bowl of mixed greens, walnuts, tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, beets, red onions, egg, tomatoes, salt & pepper, 1/2 portion blue cheese, and light balsamic vinaigrette.

I also stuck guzzled over 64 ounces of water today and limited my caffeine to one cup of coffee around 3pm when my body and mind were both hitting a jet lag slump.

We’ll see if I can keep this up beginning tomorrow morning when I hope on a plane out west. Goal #1 is to drink at least 3 bottles of water during flight and baby my calf muscles with compression socks.

If you could fly anywhere tomorrow, free of charge, what would be your destination of choice? Mine would be New Zealand or Australia! Both countries have been top of our list for ages but are such a trek and quite expensive!


50 West Brewing Company

What a fun night we had in Cincinnati!

A little beer, some shuffle board laughs, good food, and lots of celebrating made for a perfect first night of our mini vacation!

After a smooth flight from JFK we were in Ryan and Amy’s new home getting a full tour by 8pm! They have only been in the house for a month but have already made such headway in the short time. Their hours is 7 TIMES the size of our little New York apartment! It’s incredible to see friends that are at the same stage as us buying homes. We loved hearing about all the renovations and projects they have in mind along with seeing the awesome before and after pictures from the projects they’ve already completed.   IMG_8172

Amy and Ryan’s realtor was kind enough to gift them a delicious bottle of champagne which was the perfect thing to kick off the evening! Between the four of us we have so much to celebrate: new homes and new jobs!IMG_8169

For dinner we headed to 50 West Brewing Company, a new brewhouse/gastropub in the Mariemont area of Cincinnati!

IMG_8173 IMG_8176 

One of the great things about 50 West is that they have plenty of waiting areas other than the bar. They have an outdoor area with picnic tables with fire pits and heat lamps along with a game area. While we waited for a table we had a game of girls vs boys shuffleboard. Needless to say, us girls are no experts as you can tell from the score board. But, it was so much fun!

IMG_8181 IMG_8179 IMG_8180 

Once we were seated our priority was definitely on more beer and food! Since it was already 9pm we were all starving! 50 West’s menu features small plates which are intended to be shared with others and paired with their beers. Amy and I ended up drinking the Speedbump Kolsch all night, a light ale with sweet malt flavor!


Overall the food was better than expected though definitely spicy. Seriously though, out of the 8 small plates we ordered 6 of them were very spicy. This works out perfectly for 50 West because you end up drinking more beer!

IMG_8183 IMG_8184 IMG_8186 IMG_8187 IMG_8191 IMG_8192

Overall our favorites were the California Roll salad, short ribs, and fried green tomatoes.


Such a great night!

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Good Food And Workouts for the Win!

It’s Sunday evening and four of us are curled up on the couch watching SNL reruns from Hurricane Sandy and sipping wine. I am so incredibly relaxed that I actually dozed off for a few moments. The past 36 hours have included an equal number of great workouts and meals.

IMG_6727After yesterday’s post went up, Bo and I spent the rest of the afternoon together preparing for our dinner party. We headed to Eataly in search of fresh pasta, cheese, and bread for our Italian inspired dinner. Our stomachs reminded us that we’d yet to eat lunch even though it was already 1:30. I guess sleeping until 10 and then enjoying a relaxed long run will do that to you. Not having to wake up at the crack of down to beat the heat is my favorite part of winter running.

We snagged counter seats at Il Pesce, Eataly’s seafood restaurant. We spent the next hour people watching, sipping a big white French wine, enjoying fresh crudo, and their take on breakfast classic, bacon and eggs. There was no bacon in this dish though. Instead the eggs were accompanied by slow salt smoked cod, tender on the inside but bacon crisp on the outside. It was a unique dish unlike anything I’ve ever tried. Sitting at the counter allowed us to interact with the chef and kitchen which was a treat.


Shopping in Eataly is always such a treat as you never know what you’ll find as the assortment of pastas and breads change daily.


We decided to try their agnolotti, a small ravioli like pasta, in two different types: truffle porcini mushroom and veal spinach ricotta.

Cooking yesterday afternoon was especially fun last night since as we both had our courses we were working on and I was especially excited to conquer my fear of pomegrantes.


The rest of our evening menu was inspired by this month’s Food & Wine Magazine.



These supper clubs have become a night every six weeks we all cherish. The group of six is small but it has been a great way for us to get to know each other over the past 2 years and have some wonderful laughs. Last night we went through plenty of red wine which led to an earlier than normal dance party. Luckily Mike and Liz stopped by after their dinner to add to the fun!


Yeah, I’d say these are some pretty epic pictures that summarize the evening. I truly believe that laughter and solid workouts are the cure for any ailment.

Speaking of workouts, I ended the weekend with a second strong run, this time with lots of lovely ladies.

Kristin organized a Run+Brunch which took our group from Fifth and 59th over the bridge to the borough of Astoria for brunch at Queens Comfort.  There were 2 organized groups, Rushing to Brunch and Sunday Drive. How fun is that? I told Theodora that I wanted to push myself and would rather run with the faster group. While I couldn’t throw down the 8:30 miles that a few of the faster girls ran, Theodora helped push me over the bridge at a pace that was definitely faster than normal. Though my hands were freezing, I loved every minute of the run and it was great catching up with her as we explored a new to us route.


While I immediately had order’s remorse after my brunch was served, everyone’s food looked and smelled amazing. I’ve never been more thankful to have friends who like to share bites and tastes. The clear winning dish, in my opinion, was the chicken and waffles. Their chicken batter included jalapeno spice and the waffle was perfectly crisp and sweet!

After a weekend like this, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new week. In preparation for the long hours, Bo and I have both recommitted to morning workouts in order to ensure we don’t have to sacrifice a workout due to a long workday.

How about you? Are you ready for the new week?