Updating My Smoothies + $50 iHerb.com Giveaway

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe it’s already the second week of February. How are the days flying by so quickly? Well, just in time for that second month of the year when resolutions and healthy habits start to fly out the window, I am partnering with iHerb.com today for a post and giveaway that will help you guys stock your home with items to help you live your healthiest year yet!

improved smoothie

Over the past few weeks, my love of smoothies has grown exponentially. The perfect way to pack a lot of delicious, healthy flavors into an easy to sip and refreshing serving, I’ve been enjoying them for breakfast, snacks and even lunch if it’s an especially busy day. After dreaming about the delicious smoothies that Kristine, Rachel, Georgie and others make, I knew I needed to invest in some new ingredients. In comparison to their vibrant, unique, nutrition packed smoothies, my typical green smoothie seemed simple and boring.

Based on their recommendations, I hopped over to iHerb.com to stock up on a few ingredients that would help me elevate my smoothies to a new level in terms of flavor, nutrients and aesthetics.

If you’ve never heard of iHerb, you’re in for a treat. I became an iHerb fan while we were living abroad as they were on of the only websites which would ship Kind Bars to Switzerland without charging a fortune or taking forever. In fact, my friend Lauren once received her order of Luna bars from iHerb in just a few days even though we were thousands of miles away!

The online retailer sells thousands of products that help you live a healthier life including vegan, natural, vitamins & supplements, and a huge beauty section. In this month’s order I updated both my smoothie drawer and my beauty regimen. Tonight I’m going to focus on the smoothie aspect as I’m going to include a few of the beauty items in an upcoming Friday Favorite’s post once I’ve had a few more weeks to test them.

iHerb believes in delighting the consumer especially in their shipping! You qualify for free shipping if you spend over $20 AND most orders arrive in 1-2 days. My order was delivered in less than 24-hours!

i herb pic 2

So, what did I order for my smoothie drawer?

  • Goji Berries – Often advertised as the most nutritious fruit on Earth, these tiny berries have more than 140% of your daily Vitamin A, 20% Vitamin C as well as four grams of protein and 3 grams of sugar! I love the tart punch and chewy texture they give to my smoothies. I’ve also tried substituting them for raisins and dried cranberries in my afternoon, homemade trail mix. Love it!  I would buy these again!
  • Acai Powder – I’ve heard about this miracle fruit for ages but never spent the money to buy the frozen or powder version. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Unfortuntely, I think I’ll stick to the antioxidant mix which includes acai versus this rough, hard to dissolve, expensive powder. I didn’t taste the flavor when adding it to my smoothie and ended up with a grainy texture. I will not buy this again.
  • Superfruit Antioxidant Smoothie Mix – I saw this item recommended in a few different blog posts over the past few months and had taken a screen shot of it. The blend includes goji, pomegranate and acai powder which provides a great sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. It tastes delicious and provides a rich color to smoothies! I would buy this again!
  • Tera’s Whey – I’ve gone through three tubs of this protein powder since discovering it back in October. It blends perfectly in smoothies and results in a frothy, thick smoothie that also tastes delicious thanks in part to the use of Madagascar vanilla. Each serving packs 21 grams of protein for only 3 grams of sugar and 110 calories. I would clearly buy this again!

improved smoothie

If this is your first time shopping at iHerb you can use my discount code TCB960 to receive $5 off your order once you register on the website.

Iherb image

Now, it’s your turn to win your own $50 shopping spree on iHerb.com! Winners will need to register on iHerb to claim their prize but shipping will be paid for both US and non-US winners.

You can enter in 1 of 3 ways:

  • Leave a comment letting me know your favorite smoothie combination.
  • Follow @healthyhappier and  @iherbinc and leave a comment letting me know you did.

Giveaway will close on Thursday, February 11th at 11:59 PM EST.

This post is a sponsored partnership with iHerb.com but all product and website opinions are my own.


Misfit Shine Review + Giveaway

misfit shine

Over the years, my interest in fitness trackers has been minimal to say the least. While I have reviewed one on this blog previously, I’ve never become one of those people that links it to an app and uses it each day to track my steps or activity. I partially blame this on the fact that our move abroad coincided with when trackers became popular in the US. But, at the root of it, I know that there is one primary reason I’ve never been interested in them. These days, I always get enough activity. In fact, if you were to ask Bo or my friends, they’d say I need a tracker that reminds me to chill out and relax.

Therefore, when my friends at Spright invited me to try out and host a giveaway for the Misfit Shine activity tracker, I was a bit hesitant. But, after going to the website and reading more about the fitness tracker, I quickly realized that this little, sleek device seemed perfect for my interests.

misfit box

As soon as the Misfit Shine arrived, it was love at first sight. While I know you’re not supposed something based on looks alone, the lightweight, sleek, black activity tracker looks more like a watch or bracelet than band that screams “I’m trying to log my 10,000 steps.” In fact, at least once a day someone asks me what type watch I’m wearing.  Unlike other activity trackers on the market, this piece of arm candy is also water resistant up to 50 meters, meaning that I don’t have to worry about taking it off in the shower or while washing dishes. If I was currently swimming, it would also allow me to easily track my pool activity as well as other common workouts.

Aside from looks, there are five key things that made me fall in love with the Shine versus other fitness trackers on the market.

  • Battery
    • Do you find yourself constantly losing or misplacing chargers? I certainly do! Luckily, the Misfit Shine is battery powered which means I don’t have to think or worry about the charge or the tangled mess of cords. Since the average battery life is six months, I only have to replace that bad boy two times a year which is a far improvement from charging multiple times a week.
  • iPhone Application
    • I really appreciate that I can see all the information I need inside the app versus having something beep and alert me on my wrist. The app, which is very simple to use and straightforward, syncs to your tracker multiple times per day as long as your Bluetooth is on. In addition to the app which shows sleep duration and patterns, movement and goals there are also additional inputs you can use such as food tracking and food photo storage.

misfit screen 2

  • Sleep
    • Remember I said that I need something that reminds me to relax more versus move more? Well, the sleep tracker portion of Misfit has been doing just that these past few weeks. The Shine automatically tracks your sleep, without requiring any extra attachments, and breaks your sleep duration down into awake time, light time and restful time. Since wearing it, I’ve noticed an increase in the length of time I sleep as well as better understanding restful versus light sleep. I’ve seen the number 8 in front of the little h more than the 6 as seeing 6h 30 on the screen made me realize how little sleep that really is. There is something to be said for the power of numbers on a screen to help something become real.  I’ve been carefully monitoring this, trying to understand things that lead to more restless or restful nights such as screen time, reading, alcohol or stress. In addition, there is a great alarm feature which can be set to wake you up at the perfect time during your sleep cycle. I’ve only used this once but really liked it and felt the difference.
    • misfit screen
  • Design
    • The Shine is designed to flex with you. If you’re not bothered by a wrist accessory then you can easily wear it on your wrist similar to the way you’d wear a watch. But, want something a bit less visible? You can easily remove it and use the included clasp to slide it into your jean pocket or hook it on your yoga pants. For spin class, I transferred it from my wrist to my spin shoe so it would more accurately measure my movements.
  • Price
    • As someone who is a self-proclaimed beauty and fitness junky, the last thing I want is to invest in a product that I may only use for a few months before discovering a newer version or model. At just $69 this is a fitness tool that everyone can enjoy and even gift to others during the upcoming holiday season.

What do I wish I could improve? 

  • I wish it was easier to track activities like Bar Method. While I know that you can adjust the activity to reflect specific sports like swimming, cycling or running, there isn’t currently a barre option so this is rarely reflected in my daily score.

Now comes the fun part. Want to try the Misfit Shine for yourself or give it as a gift this holiday? Just enter the giveaway made possible by my friends at Spright!  It is open until next Friday, November 20th! Good luck!


A New Balance Giveaway

Why hello Fall!

Ashley Fall

Even though today’s hazy, warm weather in New York City makes me quickly forget this past weekend’s cool temps and Fall fun, there is no doubt in my mind that Fall running has arrived.  With the arrival of a new running season comes the fun task of switching out my workout drawer. Long sleeve technical tops and jackets replace the tank tops of Summer while I add compression socks to my shorts for just a few more weeks before switching to crops.

Similar to the way I’ve been stalking Loft, Nordstrom and J.Crew for their new Fall trends, I’m also excited to try some new running gear this Fall. In order to help you all with your search for new gear, I wanted to share my five favorite pieces from Reach the Beach weekend with New Balance. When I wasn’t dripping sweat during the hot daytime runs, I was wearing this gear whether relaxing or running at night.


Before this weekend, I wasn’t familiar with New Balance’s gear beyond their shoes, tanks and shorts which I’ve sworn by for years. Most of their items, including these, tend to be more forgiving and comfortable in their sizing which is a pleasant change from some of the tighter, more bootylicious fits which are so popular with other brands. While I was lucky enough to be sent these items by New Balance, I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys as well as let one lucky reader win one item for themselves!

relaxing in new balance gear

These items, except when noted, run true to size or a bit large, which is perfect for Fall and Winter as typically you have multiple layers up top.

New Balance Premium Performance Print Capri – Stripe

I fell head over heels for these tights the first time I wore them. The horizontal stripes unexpectedly flatter me everywhere while the higher waist flatters the waistline.  The DRY technology wicks away the moisture quickly, allowing me to finish a run or Bar Method class fresh and dry versus a sweaty mess.


New Balance Vazee Pace

While these are perfect for all seasons, I can’t help but include these in my five favorites as I’m absolutely in love with these shoes! They weigh in at only 6.5 ounces, far lighter than my other shoes and have resulted in faster paces! The material hugs for feet, providing a fast feel while the sole is responsive. Even though it packs all of this into a light package, the sole and heel are still supportive enough for my 20 Reach the Beach miles as well as this weekend’s 10 mile race. I’m currently running in the grey blue but have full intentions of rewarding myself with the hi-lite color if I can set a new half marathon PR this Fall!

new balance beacon


New Balance Glow Beacon Vest

On sale right now, this vest will become a layering go to this Fall and Winter as the days grow shorter. The bright color keeps runners safe, even in the pitch dark, and there are zip pockets for storing your keys and money as well as smaller, interior pocket. The women’s version is slim cut so keep that in mind when ordering.


New Balance Essentials Plus Classic Sweatpant

It’s straight up embarrassing how much I’ve worn these since they arrived last month.  They combine the comfort of your favorite, worn-in sweatpants with the style of this season’s joggers, scrunching perfectly at the ankles. I have worn these for everything from recovering in the van during Reach the Beach to brunch when styled with Converse and a v-neck tshirt.  When winter comes, I know I’ll throw these on over my shorts or crops for workout classes as well as snuggling on the couch.

impact half zip

New Balance Impact Half Zip

This feminine half zip is perfect to wear to yoga or on a frigid run as it’s made with NB Dry, ensuring that the swick wicks away. I love the ruched detailing and collar notch detail that allows your ponytail to fall over the collar. The rear pocket is large enough to store everything you need for a busy morning of workouts and errands. The $69.99 makes this a great deal and has me tempted to order it in black heather.

Instead of taking my word for it, why don’t you enter my giveaway so you can wine one of the above items in your color and size preference? 

To enter:

1) Leave a comment letting me know what item you would want and why. (Required)

2) Follow @healthyhappier on Instagram and leave a comment letting me know you followed.

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4) Like A Healthy, Happier Bear page on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know you followed.

This giveaway is only open to US residents and will end Thursday at 11:59pm. While my friends at New Balance invited me to join them for Reach the Beach as well as providing me with this wonderful gear, I am providing the prize with my own money and was not compensated for this post.