Fall Fashion Round-Up

Oh Fall, the season when I suddenly feel the need to pin every tall boot, cozy sweater and blazer I see in fashion posts and websites. But then the reality comes that I don’t need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on most of these trendy, cozy, non-investment fashion items.


Luckily one of my best friends works at LOFT, a store that has become a reliable store and website for seasonal items both classic and trendy. Liz is far more fashionable than me, so over the years she has done a great job sending me emails and texts with her recommended items. This year, instead of relying on random texts, I asked her to put together a list of favorites in advance of my day of shopping in Dallas. I love her style and ended up buying eight of these items. Hopefully these inspire your next shopping trip too!


Better yet, right now, LOFT is having a 40% off sale on their website!


Here’s the list she provided, along with her color commentary.

Coatigan This item needs no introduction. It’s so super comfy, you will see me wearing this over everything this fall.

Relaxed Dolman T This is the perfect basic. The fabric is magically soft, it’s a great length to wear with high waist skinny jeans, I’ve been tucking into skirts too.

Long sleeve split neck I absolutely LOVE this Vintage blush color as well as the length. One of my friends paired it with plum skinny work pants and it looked amazing.

Relaxed Turtleneck SweaterOkay, I know turtlenecks are on trend but I was NOT a fan until I found this guy. Perfect non-itchy material, and the cut is on point. I feel like it’s a solid work to weekend piece, I’m wearing the black one with a grey pencil skirt and dark rinse skinnies.

High waisted skinny jeansThese are my favorite jeans of all time. I usually go for their modern skinny, but the high-waisted version is SO comfortable and makes yo booty look nice.  :-) This might be me transitioning into mom jeans. Only time will tell. I’ve also worn my pair like 4 times and only minimal baggy knees after sitting at my desk all day. Not bad at all compared to other jeans.

Tech skinniesI live in the black pair for work whether paired with blouses or sweaters. These are a total wardrobe staple.


Mock neck floppy dress: I have a feeling this might not be for all body types but it’s super cute on a ton of people I have seen wearing it. I am going to pick it up this week! Fabric is comfy considering it’s more of a work dress.


Drapery tweed joggers – obsessed. Live in them, white T and a black blazer with wedge sneakers or black patent pointed pumps. Also maybe with a black turtleneck?

So there you have it friends, my more fashionable friend’s picks for Fall!

What are you loving this Fall?


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and instead is a list of the things of my favorite things this week. As normal, it includes lots of fashion items which means there are affiliate links via ShopStyle. It takes time and money to maintain a blog so I thank you for the support and few cents that come from clicking through the links!


Yoga for Runners

For this month’s Yoga for Everyone partnership with Monica, the talented yoga instructor and blogger behind The Yogi Movement, we get to focus on legs! As a runner, I do my best to ensure yoga is a regular part of my training. This yoga sequence is a great one to do at home as you can do the longer, entire sequence or even just one or two of the poses. I’ll turn it over to Monica for today’s guest post! See you all tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

Monica Stone

When Ashley asked me to write a post about yoga for tired legs, I was excited. Although I’m not a runner, this is something with which I am very familiar. Even though I consider my legs to be strong, they tend to run out of energy pretty quickly. I’ve recently implemented postures in my practice to stretch, strengthen, and overcome the weakness.

The first thing I want to talk about is Sun Salutations. This sequence is the best for waking up the legs. In the image, you would move from left to right on each section. Each posture is a slow and steady breath, and your goal is to match the length of the breath with the movement. Pay attention if your rushing the movement, and then slow it down. Never speed up the breath.

Sun Salutations

This full sequence strengthens the quadriceps and gives the back of the legs an awesome stretch. When you’re in downward dog, make sure you are lifting your hips, and pushing your heels back and down. This will give an amazing stretch to the back of the legs.

When you move into Warrior One (the lunges), don’t be shy about bending the knee. You don’t wan to over extend it, but most people don’t bend it enough. Take time to check it, so that you get a nice, deep hip opening.

Do about five Sun Salutations, and then move onto the standing forward bend.

standing forward fold

This posture is my favorite for overcoming tired legs. If I ever miss a day or two of practice – my legs feel like they’re crying tears of joy! In this image, I’m bringing my stomach all the way to my legs, but if you can’t pull yourself in that much, no worries. Just try to deepen it with every exhale, and bend your knees if you need to. Also, don’t look up and smile! Instead pull the crown of the head towards the ground, and look towards the knees.

The next posture we’re going to move into is Navasana or boat posture. I know this posture looks like you’re using the core, but it does take strength in the legs to make this posture happen. Come into boat, and try your best to not touch your legs, and keep the legs straight. Hold for five deep breaths. When you’re finished, cross the legs and take a breath, but come right back into it. Repeat this five times.


We’re going to close with Kapotasana, which is a backbend that comes from the strength in your legs. You’re going to start seated, but bend both of your knees back, and let your feet rest right by your hips. You want to push the top of your foot into the ground so that the heel is facing the sky. It might seem awkward, but just do your best. If you feel any pressure on your knees, then move them further apart from each other until it goes away.


The next step is to walk yourself back until you’re lying on the ground. This is going to lengthen and stretch your quadriceps. In the image, I’m grabbing my feet, but feel free to lay your hands wherever is comfortable. Stay here for five or more breaths, and move onto the next stage.

Bring your hands my your ears and just lift your head to the ground and look behind you. Don’t let your elbows fall out to the side. This can be pretty intense, but just try. Hold for five breaths.

The very last stage is to push your head off the ground. Go ahead and give it a try, but if you can’t lift off, no problem. Just do your best, and take five breaths.

Once you are done, sit up, and extend the legs out in front of you. Take a forward bend posture for ten breaths to slow the mind and release any pressure in the spine and legs. You’re Done!

I hope you enjoyed this runners’ sequence, and can’t wait until next time!

Check out the other Yoga For Everyone guest posts in this series:


Yoga You Can Do In Your Car

Last month, we kicked off Yoga for Everyone partnership with Yoga For People Who Sit At A Desk. If you own a car, then this post is equally as relevant as it focuses on a few easy poses you can do IN YOUR CAR! Whether you find yourself in the car for a road trip or just trying to decompress after a long day at work, this is a perfect sequence!

If you have requests for next month’s sequence, let us know. See you guys tomorrow for Friday Favorites. Now, here’s Monica, the talented yoga instructor and blogger behind The Yogi Movement.

Monica Stone

Can I ask you something? How much time do you set aside each day to meditate or destress? If that question left you speechless because you are seriously strapped for time, then just know you’re not alone. I’ve been there.

When I left my job, things drastically changed. Going from nine to five to a constantly changing schedule has been a huge adjustment. My biggest struggle was learning to manage my time. The truth is – I’m still struggling.

The worst part was that I would get so frustrated at myself because my yoga practice was the first thing to go out the window. I felt like I never had enough time in the day. Every day I’d recommit, and then something would always come up. It’s so important to make time to quiet the mind because we live in such a fast-paced world. We take so much in, and if we don’t take the time to process it, our minds can become scattered and agitated. I could feel this happening, and knew I needed to make a change.

I was sick of struggling, so I made a little mindset shift. Want to know what I did?

1. I changed my practice. I was way too hard on myself, so I allowed myself to hop on the mat even if it meant 10 minutes a day.
2. I took my practice with me wherever I was. This allowed me to fit my practice in whenever I had some time to kill.

This month, I demonstrate four simple postures you can do in your car. Yes, you read that right! You can do yoga in your car. Next time you’re waiting to pick up your kids at school, or waiting in a long line at the Starbucks Drive-Thru, you’ll feel good in your mind because you’re practicing patience, and you’ll feel good in your body because you took the time to stretch. You just have to be creative.

Yoga You Can Do In Your Car

Watch the video before to see each pose and some explanations! The first posture is a simple twist. Then, I’ll demonstrate a hamstring stretch. I’ll show you a simple way to get a nice backbend, and we’ll close with quick meditation while you open your hips at the same time!


How creative have you gotten with your yoga practice? Have you ever tried to fit yoga in on a road trip? Tell me if you tried these postures, and where you were.

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