35 Tips for Your Best Marathon

If you’re like me, the week before the marathon brings the taper crazies. Anxiety and nerves tend to take over a previously strong body and mind. Instead of giving into my nerves, I reached out to the experts, my friends on social media, for tips and inspiration. While Sunday’s Berlin Marathon will be my fifth marathon, I believe I can always learn something from those around me. These 35 tips will help you prepare mentally for the big day along… View Post

Berlin Marathon Training – Week 2

It’s finally here. In less than 6 days I will have the opportunity to toe the line of the Berlin Marathon and enjoy every single second of the experience. I could lose myself in all the questions and anxiety leading up to Sunday’s race but instead, I’m focusing on using my energy in a positive way. I spent 30 minutes on last night’s flight making a list of the things I want to do before leaving for Berlin so that… View Post

Semi-Marathon de La Cote Race Recap

This morning I woke up bright and early for the Semi-Marathon de La Cote. I signed up for this half a few months ago when I saw that it was on the same day that my training plan called for 13 miles. Since this was the race’s inaugural year, I didn’t know what to expect.  However, the website promised gorgeous views during the point to point run from from Allaman to Nyon.Since my starting block didn’t start until 10:39, I… View Post

Berlin Marathon Training – Week 4

This week is race week! No, the marathon isn’t 19 days early, don’t worry. But, I realized on Sunday that this week’s 13 mile long run is a half marathon! The Semi-Marathon de La Cote half marathon, an inaugural half which follows a point to point course along the lake. If the weather is as predicted, then my views should look something like the below picture, featured on their site! Excited would be an understatement, to say the least. But,… View Post