A New Favorite NYC Workout Class

When Bo and I planned this trip to New York City, I knew that I wanted to squeeze in a few workout classes. Typically I go for my usual favorites – Uplift Fitness and Barry’s Bootcamp. But, after making a list for the past few months of new instructors or classes, I was inspired to try a few new classes and instructors instead.

After referencing my list in iPhone Notes, I started strategically planning the classes. As we have an Indian wedding in the city Thursday night through Saturday night, I knew that I needed to frontload the classes. Since I was working from our midtown office Monday through Wednesday while staying in Brooklyn, classes located in Flatiron or Brooklyn worked best for the early morning schedule.

Five days of classes left me feeling lean and strong – just in time for the wedding weekend! I will wear my rented saree and lehenga with confidence while dancing and celebrating Raj & Asha! 

Of the five classes we took, The Fhitting Room was our favorite overall workout. IMG_9391

A high intensity training boutique fitness studio located in Flatiron, everything about the workout experience impressed us.

Upon arriving, a bright, vibrant space greet you and the green color theme is visible throughout the studio. A large calendar is posted adjacent to the check-in desk, making the upcoming schedule visible to everyone with just a quick glance.


There are also lockers and a bathroom on the main level, along with the primary studio.  The staff also briefly explained the studio’s workout concept  – using functional movements, strength training, high intensity intervals, total body focus and highly varied exercises in order to strengthen and change participant’s bodies.

Before our class we were given a quick tour of the downstairs space, which is home to a smaller, private fitness studio and the main locker and shower area which includes two bathrooms, two showers, lockers and a few vanity areas for blow drying hair and getting ready. The studio provides everything you need to get refreshed after your workout including large towels, blow dryers, and toiletry products!


Back upstairs, it was time to get down to business! Our class, which was party of NYC Fit Week, had 15 students and 2 instructors.


Let’s talk about the 2 instructors because that is the primary thing that makes this workout stand out from other similar workouts. Not only were the two instructors, Emily and Dyan bubbly and energetic, but they were constantly walking around checking and improving form. In a HIIT class, I feel that form is easily compromised which can lead to injuries. Having two instructors watching us at all times helped both Bo and I ensure that we pushed ourselves WHILE maintaining form.


The main studio includes rows of different “toys” or workout gear. One mirrored wall is dedicated to TRX training while the other sides include rowing machines, kettle bells, bosu balls, boxes, and even foam rollers! Even though the studio has been open for a few months, it was still well organized and spotless. The floor is a special, cushioned floor which makes burpees and other jump movements far more comfortable. Before the class kicked off the instructors walked us through the workout which included a dynamic warm-up (high knees, mountain climbers, froggers, air squats, etc)  followed by intense circuits which rotated through in small groups. The workout was posted at the front of the room so we knew what was coming.


For the next 45 minutes we worked our way through the workout while rocking out to a great playlist. While I can’t remember each part of the workout, these portions stood out in my mind:

  • Bosu foot taps by side to side jump overs
  • 2 minute erg followed by ab pikes using the erg seat
  • Kettlebell step ups followed by box jumps
  • TRX rows and curls
  • TRX hamstring curls and TRX planks

There was no “calling in” the workout as every minute the instructors were there pushing us harder and making sure we were engaging the proper muscles. By the end of the class I was BEYOND sweaty and my muscles were fully fatigued. It should be noted though, that while we were exhausted, we were already wishing we had time to sign up for another class this week! 

Cost: $35 but there are packages available to reduce cost including new participant 2 for 1 class

Location: 31 West 19th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue


The City That Never Sleeps

What a whirlwind week! While we have fun weekend plans on each end of this trip, I’ve spent Monday through Wednesday working from my old office. Reconnecting with old co-workers has been wonderful as well as hitting a few of my favorite lunch spots, such as Toasties as well as trying some newer places, like Treehaus. When I’m not working, I’m spending my time doing two of my favorite things – working out and connecting with friends!


It never amazes me how much you can get done in New York City BEFORE and AFTER work! Regardless the hour, I feel you can find a studio offering classes or a restaurant waiting to host friends for drinks and a meal!

While we love Geneva, very few places open before work or stay open after work.  Meg, Bo and I have already tried a different workout class each day before work. So far, we’ve squeezed in classes at Soul Cycle, Orange Theory Fitness, The Fhitting Room and Prana Power Yoga. This trip came at the perfect time as it’s given me the chance to switch things up after the half marathon.

IMG_9365IMG_9413 IMG_9434IMG_9469

In the evenings, we’ve caught up with friends over a few of our favorite things: Mexican food and beers. I mean hey, life is all about moderation, right? 


Lunch break is over, and it’s time to hop into another meeting, but I’ll be back tomorrow for a more in-depth review of these workout classes.

To those of you who have asked about the site updates, they are a work in progress.  I’ll have a fun giveaway next week once it launches!


Popsicles and Prosecco

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


Thanks to jet lag, Bo and I have already gone grocery shopping at Trader Joes, sipped Blue Bottle iced coffee and taken a walk around Cobble Hill! We are heading uptown later this morning to meet friends for a Soul Cycle class and coffee date! After hearing rave reviews, I can’t wait to take Hallie’s Soul Cycle class!


Yesterday when we landed in New York City we kept our energy levels high with a packed schedule.

First afternoon activity was a killer Soul Cycle class at the Brooklyn Heights location. Conveniently located just a few blocks from Russell & Meg’s apartment, this was the perfect way for the four of us to workout together and get a second wind. Selena kept us out of the saddle for over half the class and her arm sequence was killer. Luckily her playlist helped distract me from the burn.


While spinning at Soul Cycle in branded gear isn’t required, sporting Brooklyn and NYC tanks sure makes it more fun!

The rest of the evening was spent celebrating the recent engagement of  Meg & Russell. As we haven’t been back in New York City since their engagement in March, it was wonderful to spend the evening with many of our good friends celebrating. Over the years, many of our good friends have become Meg & Russell’s “aunts and uncles” not only serving as their friends but also helping them find their way in New York City.

We enjoyed rooftop cocktails at Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar before heading to El Vez for margaritas & Mexican food!


Loopy Doopy exceeded our expectations as the views were wonderful, even on a hazy evening, and their signature cocktail, Popsicle & Prosecco, was DELICIOUS! They have five different flavors including the blackberry mint which I happily enjoyed. Prosecco on tap and rooftop views? Even with the $20 price point it was a perfect way to start the evening!

Your turn: What’s your favorite cocktail?


CityRow NYC

This week in New York City I’ve done my best not to burn the candle at both ends, waking up early and staying out too late. The last thing I want to happen is that I land back in Geneva on Monday sick and feeling lethargic. So while I haven’t stayed out a single night thus far, I’ve found myself working out with friends every single morning. It’s been fabulous and provided me the chance to try lots of new workout classes and studios!

I headed down to Union Square bright and early this morning to meet Melissa for a workout at CityRow.  As the studio is conveniently located by one of my favorite healthy food spots in New York City, Hu Kitchen, I was able to dash into Hu and treat myself to a green juice (Organic Demi-Vert) before class!

IMG_3113[1]IMG_3117The studio is located on the 15th floor of 80 Fifth Avenue in a small space which includes an entry area where guests can check-in for class and get water along with a large, airy studio space where the classes take place. The friendly staff greeted me upon arrival offering to check me in for class, fill up my water bottle and answer any questions. She also let me know that while there are no showers, there is a bathroom which studio guests may use. The bathroom is down the hall and is plenty spacious in case you need to change clothes or want to wash your face and freshen up after class.


The space is very airy due to the clean lines, multiple windows, bright white paint and wood floors. In fact, the space is spotless, looking as it has been open a day instead of a year! In the studio itself there are about 20 WaterRower machines, yoga mats and towels along with a nook in the corner with cubby holes for purses and bags.


Beth, our instructor, welcomed everyone to the Row+Flow class which combines 15 minutes of intense rowing with 30 minutes of power yoga.  She did a great job catering to the new clients, such as me, ensuring that we were properly set up on our rowing machines and knew how to flow through the movements.

IMG_3151Row+Flow is a perfect CityRow class for someone who may be intimidated by CityRow’s more rowing based workouts such as Signature Row or SignatureX, even though I’ve been reassured that even those classes rarely include more than 5-10 minutes of rowing before mixing things up with another workout.

The 15 minute portion included a mix of sprints, power pulls, pausing drills, and oblique rowing drills. The soundtrack was fun and uplifting, helping each of us push just a bit harder at 7:30am. She often asked us to keep a watch on our pace, pushing us to stay below certain splits but understanding that everyone’s ability is different. She walked around adjusting students, similar to a yoga instructor, ensuring that everyone used proper form. Many people use the rowing machine incorrectly so as a past rower I appreciated her careful coaching!


After 15 minutes we moved to the mats for 30 minutes of power flowing yoga that focused a lot on core work, which I loved! I loved that the power yoga moves kept us on our toes and each of the students continued to sweat until the final pose. My favorite move was dolphin, which she broke down into segments before making us do it four or five times.

I really enjoyed the class and the instructors supportive attitude and would make it a weekly addition to my schedule if I still lived in New York City. I hope to try one of their other class offerings when I’m back in January!

Cost: $32 though packages can reduce prices – Address: 80 Fifth Avenue, 15th Floor, New York City – What to wear: Stick with crops or leggings versus booty shorts, a breathable tank or top and you favorite sneakers

If you’re in NYC you can check out RowHouse, CityRow, or Brooklyn Crew or check out this 20 minute rowing workout you can do on your own at the gym! 

Your turn! Have you ever tried a rowing class or used the rowing machine at your gym?