36 Hours in Strasbourg, France

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend in the Alsace region tasting new wines, delicious food and exploring storybook towns together! In just under 36 hours we were able to discover Strasbourg and the nearby Alsace region towns. Located 4 hours from Geneva, Alsace is a region in France that borders Germany and the Rhine Valley. It has significant influences from both the French and German cultures, as it has changed hands between Germany and France during its history. Strasbourg, the region’s… View Post

Dining Dockside in Savannah

When our friends arrived in Savannah on Thursday, we wanted to greet them with a lovely, relaxing Low Country dinner. After doing some research we both agreed that Bonna Bella Yacht Club would be the perfect spot. Located a bit off the beaten path, Bonna Bella is accessible via both car and boat, just a 20 minute drive from downtown Savannah. Want to bring a smile to the face of weary travelers who are kicking off vacation? Give them a… View Post

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36 Hours in Paris

What a wonderful weekend we had in Paris! It was the perfect, quick 36-hour trip to the city of lights. Bo and I decided to use AirBnB for the first time on this quick trip to Paris in hopes of saving a bit of money. As its peak tourist season in Paris many of the hotels in Champs-Elysees, where my aunt and uncle were staying, were over $300 per night. We found a studio apartment located just 10 minutes from… View Post

An Afternoon in Bratislava

For years, Bo and his friends have laughed about the movie EuroTrip. It’s a completely ridiculous, National Lampoon’s style movie from 2004 that is a play on the many stereotypes that come along with an American teenager trip to Europe. At one point in the movie, the characters accidently end up in Bratislava with only $5 in their pocket. Today, while on the road from Prague to Vienna, when we saw a sign for Bratislava we knew we had to… View Post