Zeel Massage On Demand

Happy Friday! How was your week? Bo and I are currently en route to Cincinnati where we are spending the weekend with our good friends Ryan and Amy who recently moved there from Seattle. You may remember that we visited them out in Seattle late last Summer. Our weekend plans include celebrating, running in a small 5k race, touring the area, and relaxing together. I have traveled to Cincinnati at least 20 times over the past 7 years since joining… View Post

Stephanie Nieman’s Revolve Body Ride

After a week of fighting a cold and feeling lethargic, I was ready to try a new tactic yesterday. It was finally Friday and that meant it was time to welcome the weekend! I spent the day at the office finishing lots of work and taking extra doses of Vitamin C and warm liquids in hopes that it would soothe my throat. Once 6pm arrived, instead of heading home and crawling in bed, which I’ve done every other night this… View Post

Barilla Microwaveable Meals

After a ten days on the West Coast my body needed a recovery day. I can’t believe that I’ve been up and down the West Coast for the past ten days! While Los Angeles was a great work trip, I’m so happy to be back on East coast, aka #thebestcoast in my opinion! I slept until 11:30, ran 3.5 miles without music or my Garmin, deep cleaned and organized my closet, enjoyed Fall scented candles, relaxed on the couch with… View Post

The Fekkai Blow Out Bar

While indulging in a blow out is something I can’t justify very often, there is something to be said for the way it makes you feel. A fresh new look comes easily when someone else is in charge of styling your hair whether that means giving you unfathomable straight hair or romantic curls. Just in time for New York City’s hot and humid summer, the Frédéric Fekkai/Fifth Avenue salon, which is also the flagship salon for Fekkai, is offering a… View Post