Using Exercise to Maintain My Sanity

Moving is stressful. Saying goodbye to friends is tough. Transitioning from one job to another brings a lot of unknown and complexities. Based on these three facts, the next six weeks should be a joy. Luckily, these days, even thirty minutes of physical activity can help relieve stress. Gone are the days when I crave a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to eat away my stress induced anxiety after a long day. These days, I’ve decided that my mantra for… View Post

A Soaking Wet Half Marathon

While I’d love to give you guys a full rundown of today’s half marathon, we’re heading out to celebrate with friends! The evening plan includes pints of beer and burgers! But, before we head out, here are a few things I learned along the way.  I finished in 2:02:37, a 1-minute improvement versus last year’s Geneva Half Marathon, which was run in far better weather!   Running in the rain is not fun. I have so much respect for those athletes… View Post

Sometimes It Just Clicks

Sometimes a run just clicks and the result is nothing but sweat and smiles.  Yesterday was the first time I can remember that a long run was equally enjoyable for both Bo and me. As you know, Bo has dealt with numerous knee and leg issues over the past five years including a torn calf muscle and two meniscus surgeries. Due to these issues and before that our different paces, the Geneva Half Marathon is the first one that we… View Post

Barcelona Running Tour

Hands down, my favorite memory in Barcelona was our sunrise running tour with Robin, the owner of Running Tours Barcelona. As soon as we booked our trip to Barcelona, I started researching running tours. In large cities such as Paris, Barcelona and London running tours are a great way to remove the intimidation factor, learn a great deal and squeeze in a great workout.  While we’ve had a tough time finding running tours in smaller cities during the off-season, we… View Post