Using Exercise to Maintain My Sanity

Moving is stressful. Saying goodbye to friends is tough. Transitioning from one job to another brings a lot of unknown and complexities. Based on these three facts, the next six weeks should be a joy.


Luckily, these days, even thirty minutes of physical activity can help relieve stress. Gone are the days when I crave a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to eat away my stress induced anxiety after a long day.

These days, I’ve decided that my mantra for the next six weeks will be to lace up my sneakers and go.


Today I spent 30 minutes outside letting my thoughts run wild while I ran through a local park, enjoyed the sight of the Spring flowers and completed a quick 30-minute run. I didn’t track my pace or distance.


I stopped twice, once to complete my 5-minute strength circuit and again to say hello to a friend. This was far different from the training runs a few weeks ago. But, don’t get me wrong. It served a purpose that was equally if not more important. It helped me relieve the stress that comes along with moving two people on two very different dates, while managing a full-time job and trying to enjoy the last few weeks in Europe.


If April training focused on the half marathon, then May and June’s training focus will be using exercise to maintain my sanity.

I’ll be living alone for June, which means I’ll have plenty of time for evening yoga classes and early morning workouts. I’ll try a few new Les Mills classes at our office gym before I say goodbye to that membership.

What are your suggestions for managing stress the next six weeks?


A Soaking Wet Half Marathon

IMG_9173While I’d love to give you guys a full rundown of today’s half marathon, we’re heading out to celebrate with friends! The evening plan includes pints of beer and burgers!

But, before we head out, here are a few things I learned along the way. 

  • I finished in 2:02:37, a 1-minute improvement versus last year’s Geneva Half Marathon, which was run in far better weather!  
  • Running in the rain is not fun. I have so much respect for those athletes who ran Boston or any other marathon in the rain. 13.1 miles in the pouring rain was tough enough.
  • I loved my outfit for today’s race! We both debated wearing jackets but the hats and technical tops worked perfectly!
  • I didn’t remember last year’s half including a mile of trails. Trails that are normally packed dirt were muddy, rocky and packed today due to the weather. My ankles and calves are the sorest parts of my body!
  • This is the first half marathon where I have stuck exactly to my coaches plan for the race. The first 10 miles were exactly on pace and felt amazing.
  • Miles 10-13 were tough. I pushed on and was far stronger than most races, but physically my breathing was very shallow and my legs felt like I had lead weights tied to them.
  • Mentally, this was the strongest race I’ve ever run which I owe to both Jess and Bo.
  • I’m so excited to keep running with Bo and watching both of us improve, physically and mentally!



Sometimes It Just Clicks

Sometimes a run just clicks and the result is nothing but sweat and smiles. 


Yesterday was the first time I can remember that a long run was equally enjoyable for both Bo and me. As you know, Bo has dealt with numerous knee and leg issues over the past five years including a torn calf muscle and two meniscus surgeries. Due to these issues and before that our different paces, the Geneva Half Marathon is the first one that we are training for together!

After a great week of workouts, our long run plan from Jess yesterday called for 8 relaxed miles. The goal was to maintain a consistent pace, somewhere around a 9:40. Historically, I’ve had a hard time wrapping my mind around why long runs are typically prescribed at a pace slower than half marathon goal pace. But, this time around, I’m listening to my coach!

We decided to get a preview of the half marathon course by taking the tram up a few stops to where the actual race begins. After some dynamic warm-ups, we hit the road.


Our route was beautiful and very different than our typical lake front path where we run during the week.

IMG_8541Instead, we found ourselves running past horse farms, vineyards and even through vegetable fields. While the sun wasn’t out in full force, it snuck out between the clouds every now and then.

IMG_8530 IMG_8532IMG_8542IMG_8539 IMG_8547

The first six miles included small, rolling hills while the final two miles were flat and fast. We kept our eye on our Nike+ app to ensure we kept our pace around the 9:40 point. This slower pace meant that we were able to spend the time running catching up, a nice change versus this week’s other runs, which left us breathless. While we shared a water bottle during our run, neither of us felt the need to stop or take fuel. Our pre-run breakfast of toast, fruit and coffee fueled us perfectly!

IMG_8550 IMG_8555 

We dropped the pace during our final mile, to see what we had left in our legs. We were all smiles when we realized that we finished right on target and our final mile was the fastest!


Within minutes we were refueling with brunch at Le Pain Quotidien!


Did you run this weekend? What’s your favorite way to refuel after a run?