Silent Saturday Savannah Style

The Savannah weather has been perfect this trip. The highs each day are 70, the sky is blue, sun is shining bright and we’ve had a wonderful time spending time on the water with the birthday girls, my Mom and Aunt Rusty, as well as our favorite guys! What you won’t see in some of these pictures is that we were soaking wet since the white caps and waves were so large yesterday! As my aunt said, it was the most amazing 2 hour roller coaster ride, ever!

Ashley coffee

bo chilling

Three girls boat

Shrimp boat
Ryan Ashley boat
Boating fun


Birthday girls

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

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Savannah Christmas 2015

Greetings from Brooklyn!

christmas glow

Bo and I arrived back in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon after a wonderful holiday week in Savannah with family. We relaxed on the couch with The Martian, the warm glow of our Christmas tree lights, a nice bottle of red wine, and our favorite white chicken chili.

Instead of giving you a play by play recap of our time in Savannah, I’ll give you an overview with pictures. This trip was like many of our other holiday trips to Savannah: we split our time between Bo’s parents house and my parent’s house while also enjoying some of our favorite Savannah activities. The only difference this year was that our family gatherings grew! My aunt and uncle drove down from Chapel Hill for the week and Russel’s family, The Millers, drove down from Milwaukee to join in the holiday festivities and see Savannah for the first time. Bo’s sister Meg is marrying Russell in May so the holiday week provided the perfect opportunity to do some wedding planning as well as celebrate Christmas together as an extended family. While it isn’t always easy blending 15 different people together, while trying to respect each family’s holiday traditions, it ended up being a wonderful holiday.

Two Christmas tree decorating sessions with my mom


Nine types of cookies baked



One Fried Turkey on Christmas Eve


One Beef Tenderloin on Christmas Day 


One sunset boat ride 


Two historic homes toured


One dockside lunch including fresh seafood and afternoon beers


One afternoon skeet shooting session 



Six workouts including three with my brother



2015 Savannah Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon Recap – The Short Version

Going into Saturday’s half marathon, my goals were simple: leave everything on the course in hopes of breaking the elusive sub-2 hour half marathon and help my mom and aunt finish their first and second half marathons.

rnr savannah

I spent the week leading up to the Rock’n’Roll Savannah Half Marathon tapering like a seasoned pro. I slept an average of eight hours each night, I hydrated, I ate well, I practiced some gentle yoga, I put together a great pump-up playlist, and I prepared my mind for a great race.

If you want the abbreviated, short version of how the race went down, here is what you need to know as well as a few pictures:

  • The temperatures during the race hovered around 80 degrees with 99% humidity.
  • Due to conditions, I abandon my PR goal at mile 5.7 when my pace went from a solid 9:01 avg to 9:40 due to conditions.
  • My dad and brother were incredible cheerleaders, along with what felt like most of Savannah, and supported us five times along the course! 
  • My mom, aunt and I all finished the half marathon together while Bo pushed forward and ran the 13.1 miles.
  • The race organization and experience was wonderful and Rock’n’Roll continues to impress me though only half the course was in what I’d consider “gorgeous, downtown Savannah.”
  • Due to conditions, the marathon course was closed if you had not reached a certain point by 9:35 AM.
  • This was a smart decision as there were two deaths and hundreds of medical issues for both the half and full marathon. (News articles can be found here and here
  • The word that best describes this year’s running journey is FRIENDS. The majority of this year’s races have become more about spending time with friends (Yes, I consider my mom and aunt to be friends, just ask anyone who knows me well!) and helping others complete a race than toeing the starting line and pushing for a number on the clock. I do not regret this decision and am thankful for the experiences I’ve had. There is always another day for that number on the clock but how often can you run with friends in multiple countries, states and races?




Now, if you want to read the longer version, come back later. Between work and life, this recap has taken longer to type than expected!