You Really Should Enjoy Downtown Savannah…

Sometimes the world works in crazy ways. We arrived at the airport yesterday, exactly one hour before our flight, only to find out that it had just been cancelled. While most of the Midwest and Northeast flights yesterday were cancelled due to weather reasons, ours was cancelled due to mechanical issues. However, these weather issues meant that there was no way they could rebook us on another flight yesterday. Before he left the ticket counter, the kind ticket agent gave… View Post

Crazy Friday and Yoga Works NYC

Fridays are supposed to be relaxed and a time for catching up since I have “Summer Fridays” from Memorial Day through Labor Day. This means that Monday thru Thursday all summer we come in 30 minutes early and stay 30 minutes later so that Friday afternoon at 1pm most people can leave.While I rarely get to leave at 1pm, it is nice not to have any meetings planned after 12. My Friday started with a quick Weight Watchers stop. I… View Post

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Marvelous Monday Meals

Today was the first time in ages when I didn’t get anything take-out or delivery, except for Starbucks! The extra planning guaranteed a delicious day of food!     Weight Watchers Vanilla Almond Oatmeal 1/2 c blueberries from the Union Square Farmer’s Market 1/3 c 0% Fage (on sale at Whole Foods this week) Venti Iced Unsweetened Green Tea Delicious and filling! Lunch was a salad topped with last night’s leftovers. Tomato slices 1/4 c greek quinoa salad 4 shrimp… View Post

Ashley Simpson is crazy!

  Ashley Simpson, our ATV guide from Northwoods Outfitters, is one crazy woman!   What we thought was going to be a 2 to 3 hour excursion along the beautiful Moose Head Lake ended up being an 8 hour all day off road experience across 200 miles of the rocky terrain of the surrounding hills and mountains!     Before our trip, Bo and I read the website’s description so we’d be prepared for the day. Guided ATV Tours For the… View Post