An Impromptu 24 Hours in NYC

Instead of saying hello from Geneva, we are still in New York City!


Last night as we were boarding our flight from JFK to Paris, Delta announced that they were looking for volunteers to give up their seats on the oversold flight. Without thinking twice, Bo and I jumped in line to happily trade in our seats on yesterday’s flight for a spot on today’s flight. As Bo spoke with the Delta agent I quickly emailed, called and texted a few of our friends who weren’t able to make it down to Savannah last weekend.  Within minutes we went from boarding a flight to Paris to enjoying the New York sunset from a cab window.

IMG_1219[1]Our friends who just moved to Carroll Gardens were ecstatic to host an impromptu dinner for eight of us. Having the chance to catch up with these friends, two of whom are expecting their first child, was priceless. The evening was exactly what we wanted, casual and relaxed. We ordered pizza and salads, drank beers on the rooftop and enjoyed the cool, breezy evening.

IMG_1222[1]Thankfully Bo and I packed our workout clothes in our carry on bag as we thought we may have time for a quick workout during one of our layovers. As no trip to New York is complete without a Central Park run, I threw on my running gear and headed uptown at 6:45 to meet Gia and Theodora. We had no specific plan in mind so just headed to the loop for a few speedy miles filled with lots of chatting and a few hills. After my break from training, I was happy to feel strong during the run, able to keep up with the 8:40 pace!

IMG_1225[1]IMG_1229[1] IMG_1228[1]The rest of the day has included breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien with Theodora, where we planned her Europe trip over iced coffees and the avocado toast, which was full of flavor and very filling!

IMG_1232[1] After saying goodbye to Theodora I ran a few errands, including a stop at Jack Rabbit Sports to buy my marathon shoes for Berlin. Rounded out with a lunch uptown catching up with Jen and a shower, this day has been pretty perfect. Now Bo and I are lazily relaxing with a book before heading back to JFK for our flight to Europe.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!


The Cutest Instagram Account

This post is going to be a random one so sit back, relax and enjoy!


First of all, if you are on Instagram I highly recommend following Daily Puppy. Your days will be filled with so much joy as it is not possible to be sad when you look at pictures like this.


So now that your life is filled with warm fuzzies and fluffy puppies, feel free to try what may be my new favorite treadmill workout which Gia prescribed for today’s workout. The speed distance was long enough to make me work but short enough that I felt I could really push myself. I hope it becomes a regular workout on my training plan because I would love to strive for faster repeats each week.

1 K Repeats

10 minute warm-up

1000m at 10k pace, repeat 5 times with a 3 minute jog recovery in between each interval

10 minute cool down


7 months

This week I’m hosting an old friend from Savannah who has never been to Europe. Spending an hour over cheese fondue listening to his adventures made me so happy. I am so glad that he made the decision to backpack across Europe, just going where his heart desires. He provided me with some city inspiration for our upcoming trips to Vienna, Prague and Munich while I loved giving him some suggestions for the rest of his trip. Tonight also made me realize just how much Geneve has become home. It was so nice to know exactly where I wanted to take him tonight for a local, Swiss dinner experience while also being able to order dinner in French and confidently navigate our way home.


Birthdays Make Me Homesick

On the other hand, today was one of those days when I really wish I was home in New York. Some days I miss my family and friends in Georgia and other days I miss my second family, our amazing group of friends in New York City. I’ve found that during the 7 months I am homesick most often on someone’s birthday. In proper fashion, I missed my girl Theodora today in a huge way. Still to this day, more than 4 years later, she remains Theodora Blogger in my phone. The past three years, Theodora and I have celebrated our birthdays together. Some years there have been epic trips or parties while other years it was as simple as a morning workout together followed by dinner. When I texted her this morning, wishing her a happy birthday, there was no doubt in my mind what she was doing. I knew she was at Uplift enjoying a morning sweat fest and getting endorphin drunk before work. While I am so thankful for this incredible opportunity we have to live in Europe, there are days like today that just make me plain old fashion home sick. So, since I can’t be there in person, here’s a HUGE happy 31st birthday to my girl Theodora. Spending the day away from you just doesn’t seem right.

Over the years we’ve had some pretty incredible memories together whether perfecting our jumping skills, drinking champagne, posing with Dunkin Donuts like fools during Reach the Beach, sharing a chocolate filled romantic helicopter ride together, making snow angels in Vermont, or sporting our best tacky holiday attire I know I’m blessed to have this girl on my even though now our conversations contain more emoticons than spoken words. imageimageimageimageimage

I highly recommend taking time today to go through Facebook and look at some old pictures. I spent 30 minutes tonight laughing at the memories I found.


Sunday Funday

Sunday funday is something that Bo nor I rarely participated in when we lived in the city. Sunday was often a day we protected for errands, relaxing, cooking, and preparing for the week together.

When I realized that I’d be back from Hartford by 1pm on Sunday, my sole request to Theodora was a Sunday Funday. I wanted to enjoy time in the city with friends but I didn’t want there to be any crazy plans as lately my life has been over programmed.

We started our afternoon at Madison Square Eats, one of my favorite spots in the city. Each season they have different vendors from around the different boroughs selling everything from beer and lobster roles to Korean barbecue!

After exploring the stalls we settled on sharing a seasonal beer and lobster role from Red Hook Lobster Pound. Enjoyed under yesterday’s blue sky and sunshine while having some quality one on one girl time, it was pretty perfect and delicious!


From Madison Square Park we meandered down to Lululemon where I bought my annual marathon reward. This year I went with a pair of Speed Tight Cozy winter running pants and a black Scuba Hoodie.

From there we strolled down to the West Village where we snagged a spot in Blind Tiger, a great craft beer bar which was luckily not taken over by NFL football fans. For the next four hours we talked non-stop.


I think Katie summarized it perfectly – the atmosphere felt as if I’d never left. The beer wasn’t bad either. Throughout the afternoon I sipped on A Little Sumpin’ Wilde Ale from Lagunitas Brewing Company and New Holland Beer Hive.  Both were so flavorful that I quickly forgot that Blind Tiger was out of their pumpkin beer and didn’t have any traditional “seasonal” beers on tap. Of course no catch up session with girls is complete without pictures. Can we talk about my cheeks? I think that’s called post marathon water retention or just happiness.


IMG_3232 IMG_3228 IMG_3233

We ended the evening a few blocks down the road at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the city, Agave.IMG_3238

There we each consumed one too many margaritas, all the guacamole, and delicious tacos before saying goodnight. I am so thankful these ladies came out for a Sunday Funday and made me feel like I really have just been gone on an extended business trip.

Things like this help me realize that while there are thousands of miles between us on a daily basis, it hasn’t changed our friendships. Yes we have to work a bit harder and ensure we stay in touch via WhatsApp, phone, GChat, and emails, but in the end it’s worth it!