Highlights from the Weekend – October 24th, 2016

Happy Monday!

Bo and I woke up bright and early this morning to make it to Josh Arden’s 7 AM Flywheel class. While my body has enjoyed the lower impact workouts these past two weeks, I’m definitely missing the endorphin rush and sweat I get from cardio. This week I am going to try incorporating 2-3 cardio workouts with my barre classes.

Similar to last week, waking up this morning was easier than normal as Bo and I had another relaxing weekend. In fact, I was in bed reading All The Light We Cannot See by 8:30! Have you guys read this book yet? I’m only 60 pages in but can already tell it is going to a page turner which will keep me occupied on my subway commutes this week. Even though our we enjoyed a relaxed weekend, there are still a few highlights to share with you guys this morning.


Going to the movies

The weather in New York yesterday was rainy and blustery, perfect for an afternoon movie date. Our movie of choice, Deepwater Horizon, kept us both interested and entertained. We both remembered hearing about the largest man-made disaster back in 2010 but did not know the details until watching the movie. I thought Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell were perfectly cast in their roles!

Taking a long walk in Prospect Park

Before heading to the movie, Bo and I spent two hours wandering through Prospect Park enjoying the Fall foliage and cool weather.  We covered more than eight miles, meandering through the Prospect Park Farmer’s Market and explored new areas of Prospect Park including the waterfalls. I have really grown to enjoy long walks with friends or family as they provide the perfect venue for catching up and getting some exercise and fresh air.


We spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend, cooking Saturday and Sunday dinner as well as preparing healthy snacks and dinners for the week. I’ve been intimidated by kale’s rough texture and strong flavor for ages, but this delicious and easy to make Autumn Kale Salad recipe helped me overcome my fear and fall back in love with this hearty green. I especially love that kale salads keep far longer in the refrigerator, making them perfect make-ahead lunches.

Building our fire pit

As part of my 10 year anniversary with my company, I was able to choose an item from their gift list. While the list included over 100 different things, there were only a few that stood out based on our interests. After a few weeks of debate, I finally ordered a fire pit for our back yard. Perfect for Fall and Winter evenings, this above ground fire pit was a pain to build but has already been so much fun! I can tell that we’ll enjoy it often with our friends and family whether roasting s’mores or just enjoying while sipping a glass of wine.



The Cost of Overcommitting

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Back in July, I talked about how striving for healthy had left me exhausted over the past few years. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it wasn’t just the my training schedules and workouts that were leaving me exhausting and zapping my energy. Beyond this, it was the constant jam-packed professional, personal and blog calendar that I set for myself on a weekly basis.  Since I wrote that post, I have made a concerted effort to think twice before making commitments. But sometimes, having the ability to say no is different than actually practicing it.

For years, I was the yes girl. Happy to be included and invited, I said yes to everything for fear of not being invited again in the future. The crazy thing, this was relevant for both professional, personal and blog commitments. Double booked? I didn’t let that become an issue. Instead, I would figure a way to make it to both commitments, even if that meant traveling across town just to say hi for a few minutes. I thought this effort and brief face time was better than declining. But, I found that I wasn’t able to be fully present. I was stressed, exhausted and burnt out from this cycle of over-commitment.

During August and September, I did a great job saying no thank you, rescheduling or reorganizing commitments so that I was allowed breathing room – those evenings each week to relax and invest in myself, family, friends, and Bo.

This week, as if to remind me to stay the course and learn an expensive lesson from my prior ways, I have “wasted” $350 on commitment costs. Some of these were booked as early as March, well ahead of the time I reached my tipping point. Guilty about “throwing money away” I considered keeping each event on my calendar. While I could physically attend each of them, I knew, deep down they wouldn’t bring me happiness, pleasure or fulfillment. This question may make me seem selfish or self-centered. But, I’ve found that by asking these questions before making commitments I create space in my life so that I am able to bring others happiness by fully engaging – whether during a coffee date, run, business meeting or girls weekend.

As I read this article, shared on Facebook by Liz Barnet, I released the guilt and changed my mindset. The sunk cost of these commitments was just a reinforcement and lesson in the opportunity cost of commuting too early and often. I need to focus on making fewer commitments or I will never change this habit I developed over the past ten years.  Spending time and making plans with friends should be enjoyable, not something that causes stress. But, in today’s connected world, we have larger networks, as Kathryn Ebner pointed out in the article.  I never understood why friends would say “I need to wait and see” when receiving an invite months in advance but now I get it. We can’t control family, work, and personal demands so if we fill all our “free time” months in advance we aren’t giving ourselves the freedom and flexibility to ebb and flow with life’s demands.

What are your thoughts on planning ahead? Do you over commit or under commit? As I continue to grow and evolve in this area, I would love your tips! 

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Highlights from the Weekend – October 17th, 2016


Happy Monday!

I woke up bright and early this morning to enjoy 3.5 easy, shakeout miles with Katie. Katie is training for the New York City Marathon so it was wonderful to enjoy a few miles with her on one of her easier days. Unfortunately, New York City forgot that Fall has arrived and we were stuck running in hazy, sticky, warm weather. My new reflective Brooks Chaser shorts were perfect for the first few miles which were through the dark sidewalks of Red Hook.

I was able to wake up this morning because Bo and I had a very relaxing weekend – exactly what my body was craving. I haven’t felt myself these past few days so getting plenty of sleep helped me start Monday on the right foot. Even though we had a quieter weekend than normal, there are still a few fun highlights to share with you guys.

Painting our dining room

We are working our way through a long list of projects which include touch-up painting and putting the finishing touches on our dining room, living room and master bedroom. This weekend Bo painted three walls of our dining room to better match the accent wall his mom painted earlier this Summer. It amazes me how quickly Bo can paint a room as this one was done in just two hours, including the taping and edging process! We love the warm yellow as well as the warmth in brings into the adjoining living room.


Open House NYC

I can’t remember how I heard about Open House NYC but I am so glad that Bo and I took time to participate in the 14th OHNY weekend. Each year Open House NYC provides the public with access to amazing architecture in the city along with the opportunity to speak with the developers, designers and architects behind the projects.  We stayed local, exploring two Brooklyn sites – Brooklyn Navy Yard and 620 Fulton. Our favorite site was definitely 620 Fulton, an active construction site which will soon be the New York HOtel Trades Council’s newest health care center. Designed by Francis Cauffman this unique space will bring state of the art health care technology and design to the art district of Brooklyn. We were able to tour the entire project with the architects and designers, understanding the work they have put into the project and hearing about the challenges of building in New York. Check out the incredible views!



NYJL Moves

Even though I wasn’t feeling great yesterday, I headed uptown to meet Theodora for a Sunday workout as part of the NYJL Moves intiaitive with the New York Junior League. Each year the NYJL organizes a few fitness classes each year which benefit the charitable organizations of the league. Yesterday we had the opportunity to enjoy a 30 minute spin class and 30 minute yoga class at Equinox.  We had a great time catching up and working out together!



Recently, I’ve challenged myself to get more independent in the kitchen in hopes that frequent cooking will help me build confidence. Last night I prepared rainbow chard for the first time using one of Kenji’s recipes from our favorite cookbook, The Food Lab.  We also roasted baby sweet potatoes which we discovered at the farmer’s market – so small and flavorful! Their smaller size meant they were also able to roast in the oven in half the time – perfect for a quick Sunday meal!



Your turn – What was your weekend highlight?