The Silver Lining

Nothing about moving is easy.



Suddenly life seems messy and chaotic. Everything from making dinner to going for a run takes longer because you have to dig through boxes to find what you’re looking for and then get diverted off course by trying to put just one more thing in its proper place.


Even though Bo and I have slept seven hours every night for the past week, we are both exhausted and drained. There are different types of drainers including monetary and professional. The constant credit card swiping as we purchase things we didn’t have the foresight to realize we needed, like shades and air conditioners, unnerves us daily as we do our best to stay within our planned monthly budget.  From a professional standpoint, we both are trying to make sure that the move doesn’t get in the way of the work we need to deliver each day, but it’s hard to focus when surrounded by boxes.

While I know that in just a few weeks life will return to “normal” and we will be head over heels in love with our new apartment, I have already found the silver lining in the madness.  (Image source)

This momentary craziness has helped us both realize how far we’ve come on the journey towards a balanced lifestyle. Over the past month, we haven’t missed a single workout. Each morning at 5:15 AM when the alarm goes off, we momentarily entertain the thought of pushing snooze, only to remember the energy that those morning miles will give us the rest of the day.

A few years ago, we would have made excuses and rationalized a July and August meal plan of delivery sushi, Chinese, and pizza served along side a few cold beers or glasses of wine. Each morning we would wake-up feeling the effects of the previous night’s decision, chug water and lace up our shoes, thinking we could out sweat the less than stellar food decisions.  At least one or two times there would be a straight-up binge fest of delivery, alcohol and then an order of Insomnia cookies around 11pm because “we’re moving and deserve a treat.”


We’ve ordered Seamless one time in a month and eaten out just a handful of other nights, instead spending most of our evenings cooking a healthy meal even if it’s just omelettes or roasted chicken. Last night in between unpacking boxes, we grilled vegetables and turkey burgers, taking a 30-minute break to enjoy the meal together at our dining room table.

So while I still have no desire to move for at least another few years, I appreciate what it has taught me over the past few weeks. We may not be perfect, but our life is definitely far healthier now than it was a few years ago. We’ve made strides together, and the way we have managed stress has improved. When the dust settles in our new place, I’m thankful that our next project won’t be losing the 10 pounds we gained during the move.


So until then, I’ll just continue to break up the craziness by laughing so hard it hurts when I decided to hop inside a full-size outdoor storage unit at Lowe’s. Because rumor has it, running and laughter is the best medicine!





Moving Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday gang!

After a weekend of moving, work feels like a welcome relief! Bo and I woke up this morning sore and exhausted, but smiling because we made so much progress this weekend. Our Brooklyn apartment went from feeling like a sea of boxes and chaos to a home in 48 hours thanks to the help of many friends and lots of hard work.

This is what the entire apartment looked like at noon on Friday. There was STUFF everywhere as the movers unpacked all the boxes and left things on the “nearest flat surface.”

This is how the weekend started. Boxes and stuff EVERYWHERE!






This weekend required LOTS of iced coffee including Smith Canteen’s Nitro cold brew. It is so strong and delicious without being acidic.


We took a break from unpacking to celebrate our friend’s 30th birthday at Swan Dive, a seasonal pop-up restaurant and bar in Gowanus. Just a few blocks from our apartment the space served up delicious cocktails and an awesome Summer atmosphere. Unfortunately, the barbecue portion of the pop-up, known as Pig Pit, was pretty disappointing. Oh well, we will definitely come back for an evening of drinks with friends and just skip the food.


We woke up naturally around 7 AM, deciding to take advantage of our energy and finish organizing and setting up the kitchen before starting our long run. We are so in love with our kitchen as it has PLENTY of space to not only prepare and cook meals but also for guests to congregate around the kitchen island. It is an inviting and communal space that will definitely get a lot of action on the blog in the coming months!



We didn’t start our 9-mile run until 10 AM but luckily the breeze from the water kept us cool as we ran through Red Hook, Columbia Street Water Front, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Fort Green and Boerum Hill neighborhoods in Brooklyn.



After our run we spent the rest of the afternoon going through boxes and building the massive, Ikea Pax closet. By 6pm the closet skeleton was complete and the car was filled with donations. I think we counted 20 bags in total!



We hosted our friends Scott and Irene for dinner as part of Bo’s belated birthday gift. Bo and Scott first became friends while building a grill together so I thought it’d be nice to continue the tradition. Dinner included grilled clams, rib eye steak and fresh corn.


Yesterday seems like a blur, as we were going non-stop and did so much during the day that it felt more like multiple days. With the help of Russell and Meg, we hung paintings, moved furniture, donated more things to Goodwill, rearranged three rooms, organized all my clothes, finished the Pax closet and built my new desk. We owe them so much for their help as it wouldn’t have been possible without extra hands. After twelve hours of work we finally took a break to relax over a Summer spread including rotisserie chicken, heirloom tomato salad and corn.




Even though we made great progress this weekend, I can already tell there are going to be a few late nights of projects and unpacking this week! I’ll give you guys a video tour of the house once we’ve made more progress.


Working from Home: Why Comfort & Style Are Still Important

Thank you Hanes for sponsoring this post. Click Here to shop your own Hanes Off Duty Style!

As you all know, in my new role, I’m working from home 90% of the time. Transitioning to this new work environment has gone quite well, even though I’ve been working in less than ideal conditions between our temporary housing in Times Square which was loud and our new apartment in Brooklyn which until today, didn’t have a proper desk or table.


For many, the idea of working from home seems to be intimidating in a way I never imagined. As soon as they hear that I work from home their mind begins to race, their face becomes perplexed and I immediately get one of the below questions:

So do you wear yoga pants or pajamas all day?

How do you force yourself to be productive?

Aren’t you lonely?

Do you find yourself snacking all day since you have access to the kitchen?

They are right to be concerned. If I was wearing my workout clothes or pajamas all day, it would be hard to get in a productive mindset and bring the mentality I need to conduct conference calls, lead strategy work and take myself seriously. If I never interacted with other people during the day, I would definitely be lonely since I loved the camaraderie of an office environment for the past six years. At the same time, I do find myself taking advantage of the work from home situation to dress more comfortably.  Similar to the professional and personal style I’ve had for years, I’ve found that my work from home style is a mix of comfort and style.

I want to dress nice enough that I can do a video conference with a colleague or sporadically head to the coffee shop for the afternoon, but comfortable enough to focus and reduce our dry cleaning bill. 

Luckily, the team at Hanes believe that life should be like this everyday. While they are known for soft, comfortable clothing they also believe that when styled properly, these comfortable classics can take women like me from the work day to date night.

Using a few of the pieces they sent me, I styled two different looks this week which I wore yesterday and today.

The first look, which a few of you saw on Facebook and Instagram earlier today, includes four different Hanes items and will be perfect for those upcoming transitional weeks in September and October when Summer is over but the winter freeze hasn’t arrived. When paired with some simple jewelry, canvas flats and an over-sized tote I was ready to catch up on work emails at Smith Canteen, my new corner coffee shop, before the movers arrived.


This look includes the oh so comfy but not see-through Hanes cotton legging, a cozy, pastel pink Hanes fleece crew sweatshirt, along with the Hanes ComortFlex fit get cozy seamless wirefree bra and Hanes ComfortFlex® Cotton Stretch Smoothing Underwear underneath. I want to order this soft sweatshirt in every color and style with a vibrant infinity scarf when Fall arrives!  It can easily tie around the waist, get tossed in a tote bag, or be worn on top of a tank to ensure you’re never cold but always cozy! Even though it’s the dog days of Summer, I still haven’t adjusted to American air conditioner and find that I’m cold everywhere, especially on subways and neighborhood coffee shops.


The second look is a bit more business, perfect for video conference calls or face to face meetings, but includes a pop of Summer color with the classic Hanes cotton leggings. Yesterday I paired the black capri-length Hanes cotton leggings with a pink and white check tunic,  Hanes ComortFlex fit get cozy seamless wirefree bra, tan flats, a messier than usual bun, and iced cold brew for a long day of conference calls and work.  Wearing a crisp, tailored blouse is an easy way to dress up this wardrobe staple.

If you work from home, what’s your style? 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. 


My Thoughts on ClassPass

When I moved back to New York City last month, the team at ClassPass was kind enough to send me an email welcoming me home with a complimentary two week ClassPass membership. As you guys know, one of the things I missed most while living in Geneva was access to fitness classes. I love the inspiration, motivation and energy of group fitness classes as well as the benefit of learning from the instructors.

ClassPass launched in New York City right before our move and therefore this was my first time experiencing the site and their application. Now it is available in over 30 cities across the United States, Canada and England! You can even upgrade your membership so you can workout in different cities, perfect for someone who travels a lot.

During the two week time period I was able to squeeze in eight classes which allowed me to experience a number of different studios all across Manhattan. In order to help you guys learn more about ClassPass, in case you’ve never tried it, I summed up my thoughts below. As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you have if you leave a comment or send me an email!

Price: In NYC, the monthly membership is $125. Whether this is expensive or a deal is a very personal decision, however many boutique fitness studios in NYC are $25-35 per class. Based on this, if you go to five classes per month on ClassPass or an average of one per week, the membership pays out.  Considering that this cost gives you access to over 500 studios, it is seen by many, including myself, to be a great deal.

Studios: With over 500 studios participating in ClassPass NYC, it is a great way to discover studios which you may not have otherwise visited. Using their app or website, you can easily find classes in your area or sort them based on time,  type of class or even amenities in case you need a shower to use before heading to work.  They are frequently adding new studios to their roster. In fact, during my two week trial I received two separate emails advertising new boutique partnerships.


Booking: Students are allowed to book at a single studio up to three times within a one month period. This motivations students to try new studios while also helping studio partners manage the number of students. You can book classes one week in advance. However, many of the popular studios or instructors often book as quickly as a Soul Cycle class. Therefore, many participants actually set a calendar invite reminding them to sign up for their favorite classes a week in advance. In fact, this is the only way I was able to get a spot in my favorite Uplift Fitness (Sculpt Fusion) class and Flywheel instructor’s  (Kara B) class. I will say, their app and website are both user-friendly, which makes signing up that much easier!


But what happens if my schedule changes? The good news is that ClassPass allows you to cancel your class up to 12 hours in advance. If you cancel within the 12-hour window you will be charged $15 and that will count as a visit to the studio. If you don’t cancel, you’re charged $20.

So what about places like FlyWheel which has multiple locations? The 3 class limit is for the entire brand, not each location. Therefore you can’t go to each FlyWheel location (Lincoln, Flatiron, etc) 3 times in a month. Instead you’re allowed to go to a total of 3 FlyWheel classes in a month, regardless the locations you choose.

More than just classes! In New York City and Boston, you can now register for local running races on ClassPass! It’s a great way to discover new, local races that you may otherwise miss.

It’s even more fun with friends! One of my favorite things about ClassPass is that it enables you to easily work out with friends. Whereas many gyms, such as Equinox, make it nearly impossible for you to bring guests into the gym to join in a workout class, ClassPass makes it easy to workout with friends. You can save money and book classes through ClassPass while your friends can meet you at the same studio or also register via ClassPass.

But it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. What didn’t you like? Honestly, I found it pretty hard to find things I didn’t like about ClassPass.  The biggest thing that annoyed me with ClassPass is that popular studios fill up VERY quickly AND studios don’t necessarily offer their full schedule or all their locations. For example, there was a class during a peak time at one of my favorite studios which wasn’t offered via ClassPass and Fhitting Room, which Bo and I both love, only has one of their studios on ClassPass. Unfortunately, the studio that is on ClassPass, their Upper East location, isn’t convenient for us.

y7 yoga

Where did I work out during the two week trial? Uplift (2 times), Y7 Yoga (2 times), Overthrow Underground Boxing (1 time), SkyTing Yoga (1 time), FlyWheel (2 times)

Did I join? As of now, I haven’t joined ClassPass due to our move. This month we have so much going on that I don’t have times to take a lot of classes. Whereas last month I was taking 2-3 classes per week on top of my running, this month I have averaged one strength class and one yoga class per week. Since Bo and I love Fhitting Room Flatiron’s location so much, we bought a package to the studio since we can split the package. Honestly, if I found out tomorrow that Fhitting Room Flatiron joined ClassPass there is a great chance I’d take the leap.

How about you? Have you tried ClassPass? Did you love it? 

*I am a ClassPass affiliate and thereefore this post includes ClassPass affiliate links. However, as always, all thoughts and views are my own!