Fall Fashion Round-Up

Oh Fall, the season when I suddenly feel the need to pin every tall boot, cozy sweater and blazer I see in fashion posts and websites. But then the reality comes that I don’t need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on most of these trendy, cozy, non-investment fashion items.


Luckily one of my best friends works at LOFT, a store that has become a reliable store and website for seasonal items both classic and trendy. Liz is far more fashionable than me, so over the years she has done a great job sending me emails and texts with her recommended items. This year, instead of relying on random texts, I asked her to put together a list of favorites in advance of my day of shopping in Dallas. I love her style and ended up buying eight of these items. Hopefully these inspire your next shopping trip too!


Better yet, right now, LOFT is having a 40% off sale on their website!


Here’s the list she provided, along with her color commentary.

Coatigan This item needs no introduction. It’s so super comfy, you will see me wearing this over everything this fall.

Relaxed Dolman T This is the perfect basic. The fabric is magically soft, it’s a great length to wear with high waist skinny jeans, I’ve been tucking into skirts too.

Long sleeve split neck I absolutely LOVE this Vintage blush color as well as the length. One of my friends paired it with plum skinny work pants and it looked amazing.

Relaxed Turtleneck SweaterOkay, I know turtlenecks are on trend but I was NOT a fan until I found this guy. Perfect non-itchy material, and the cut is on point. I feel like it’s a solid work to weekend piece, I’m wearing the black one with a grey pencil skirt and dark rinse skinnies.

High waisted skinny jeansThese are my favorite jeans of all time. I usually go for their modern skinny, but the high-waisted version is SO comfortable and makes yo booty look nice.  :-) This might be me transitioning into mom jeans. Only time will tell. I’ve also worn my pair like 4 times and only minimal baggy knees after sitting at my desk all day. Not bad at all compared to other jeans.

Tech skinniesI live in the black pair for work whether paired with blouses or sweaters. These are a total wardrobe staple.


Mock neck floppy dress: I have a feeling this might not be for all body types but it’s super cute on a ton of people I have seen wearing it. I am going to pick it up this week! Fabric is comfy considering it’s more of a work dress.


Drapery tweed joggers – obsessed. Live in them, white T and a black blazer with wedge sneakers or black patent pointed pumps. Also maybe with a black turtleneck?

So there you have it friends, my more fashionable friend’s picks for Fall!

What are you loving this Fall?


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and instead is a list of the things of my favorite things this week. As normal, it includes lots of fashion items which means there are affiliate links via ShopStyle. It takes time and money to maintain a blog so I thank you for the support and few cents that come from clicking through the links!


Training Recap Week of September 28th

Good morning and happy Tuesday!


This week is off to a wonderful but busy start. Tonight I finally get to catch up with my long lost London girl, Charlie, as we enjoy a new to us yoga class called REST followed by a delicious homemade dinner and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

charlie and ashley

I have a lot to do this evening before the fun begins, including writing this post, a speed workout and multiple conference calls!

You know how the weekly training recap works. At the beginning of each week I share the past week’s workouts with you all in order to give you a glimpse into my training, hold me accountable and help me keep a record so I can see what works and doesn’t work after each races comes to a close. Last week was all about staying active and healthy but not pushing myself. I changed the order of workouts around but overall stuck to Jess’ training plan.

Monday: I started the week with an evening Bar Method class.

Tuesday: I moved my run to later in the week so I could join my friend Elizabeth at Brooklyn Body Burn. Okay, okay Jess I hear you loud and clear. When she says stick to schedule she means the EXACT schedule posted in Google docs. While I enjoyed certain moments of the class, it was everything I’d heard (hard, humbling, sweaty) and more. I will definitely not be taking another class until my two back to back half marathons are done because it left me sore for THREE days! I will hopefully get my full recap of the studio posted later this week.

Wednesday: Before flying to Dallas, I joined Theodora for Nike Run Club’s Morning Miles. It was my first Nike Run Club and I really liked it even though the weather was less than stellar. The coach planned a route for us in advance, leading us from the Flatiron Nike store to the Williamsburg Bridge and back. I split with the group at three miles to head back home and finished a total of five miles. It was a great way to see Theodora and run a new to me route.

Thursday: My original running buddy, Amy, and I were finally reunited in Dallas last week. We ran five easy miles through Downtown Dallas before a day of dark conference rooms. It was so much fun to catch up with her in advance of our half marathon together this Saturday.

Friday: Amy and I did a recovery workout together in the hotel gym which included 40 minutes on the bike, some weights,and lots of stretching.


Saturday: The previous day’s recovery workout paired with nine hours of sleep had me ready and anxious for Saturday morning’s long run. The weather in Dallas was crisp and perfect as I ran six miles, finishing the final five miles at an average pace of 8:48. It wasn’t easy but it felt great to know I could hold that pace for that distance.

Sunday: A complete rest day including nine hours of sleep, some foam rolling and time spent in compression socks.


Virtual Date

Have a seat friends and refill that glass of wine or coffee, depending the hour of day you’re reading this, because it is time for a virtual date. A lot has transpired since our last date together. We are both happily immersed in our new roles and life in Brooklyn.

-If we were together today, I’d tell you that making a 1,600 square foot space feel like a home has been a bigger challenge than either of us imagined. Since we’ve tried to be responsible in decorating the space, we’ve stuck to a monthly budget which means a slower process. It still doesn’t feel complete but we are making progress slowly but surely.

-If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that while we haven’t found ourselves in the ordering or eating out habit, our dinners haven’t been quite what I imagined. I have over 100 recipes pinned which I’m hoping to start making sooner or later, but so far dinner has been a grilled meat, a large salad and roasted vegetable. Between work, workouts and house updates I just haven’t had time.


If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that lately, weekends with my girlfriends have been quite different as many of them now have little boys or girls in their lives. In Dallas this weekend Blake and I enjoyed lots of quality girl talk, wonderful food, gorgeous weather, and shopping but we were in bed each night by 11 pm and spent some of most treasured time playing on the floor with her daughter. 


If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that I had the serious urge to chop my long hair into one of the popular “lob” (long bob” styles earlier this week before flying to Dallas. Even though I had a trim just a month ago, it is longer than ever and driving me insane. I love the bangs I have these days but on bad hair days it is unruly and takes longer than ever to blow dry. Any tips?

If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that my mom is training for her second half marathon – the Savannah Rock’N’Roll Half marathon which is a month from now. I’m so proud  of her for taking her walking to a new level and choosing to conquer this distance again. This time my aunt will be joining her but my plan is the same – run the half as quickly as possible then rush back to walk the final miles with them.

If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that I am not sure what it is about the South but I craved Diet Coke the entire time I was in Dallas. I never caved, instead sipping everything but including a delicious green juice, sparking water, and wine. Going home in November and December, I know that the urge to stop for a big gulp of Diet Coke with chewy ice will be there but I have to remind myself how much healthier I’ve felt since giving it up.

If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that over the past few weeks, I donated one to many things to Goodwill. I purged my closet down so much that the only black dress I had for this week’s NEW (Network of Executive Women) meeting was the dress I wore to our engagement dinner seven years ago. I saved it due to the special place it holds in my heart and it’s classic look, but haven’t been able to fit in it for at least six years due to the unforgiving lace bodice and sizing. After months of cleaner eating, it fit like a charm Thursday night.


If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that one Saturday during college football season, without fail, both my teams lose miserably. Luckily, my gir’ls day in Dallas kept me from watching either game or I know that I would have drowned my sorrows in pumpkin beer. Yesterday was definitely upset Saturday with multiple Top 25 teams being facing defeat.

If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that after years of using only a tinted moisturizer, I crossed into the world of foundation yesterday while at Sephora. I’ve found myself using a primer, tinted moisturizer and a powder in order to achieve a more finished look. When my latest tube of Laura Mercier’s Tinted Mousturizer started spurting it’s last drops, I decided to use it as an opportunity to try something different. I just did a quick makeup application in the Dallas airport and loved how smooth and even the coverage of my new Laura Mercier foundation is even without a primer or powder.

If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that traveling this week seemed foreign after three months in New York. I made three novice mistakes – forgetting to pack my liquids separately, over packing for the conference and girls weekend and forgetting to download my book or show for the three-hour plane flight home. It was a great primer for the next six weeks of more frequent travel.


If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that Vera Bradley reminds me of high school graduation when every girl in our graduating class received an abundance of quilted bags, purses, wallets and id holders before leaving for freshman year. After seeing how handy Amy’s old jewelry roll and hanging toiletry bag were while rooming with her in Dallas, Blake and I made the North Park Mall Vera Bradley our first stop yesterday. I can’t decide what shocked me more – that Blake didn’t know what Vera Bradley was or how expensive the items are these days. Luckily the classic black items will last for ages and be used often.

Displaying IMG_0548.JPG

If we were sitting together today, I’d tell you that we became aunts and uncles today to an adorable seven week old miniature toy golden doodle. Sully stole our heart today when we held him for the first time and we can’t wait to spoil him rotten!

Your turn: What would you share with me today if we were together?