Yoga for Runners

For this month’s Yoga for Everyone partnership with Monica, the talented yoga instructor and blogger behind The Yogi Movement, we get to focus on legs! As a runner, I do my best to ensure yoga is a regular part of my training. This yoga sequence is a great one to do at home as you can do the longer, entire sequence or even just one or two of the poses. I’ll turn it over to Monica for today’s guest post!… View Post

Yoga You Can Do In Your Car

Last month, we kicked off Yoga for Everyone partnership with Yoga For People Who Sit At A Desk. If you own a car, then this post is equally as relevant as it focuses on a few easy poses you can do IN YOUR CAR! Whether you find yourself in the car for a road trip or just trying to decompress after a long day at work, this is a perfect sequence! If you have requests for next month’s sequence, let… View Post

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Yoga for Everyone

Happy Monday! Today, I am thrilled to share with you a new partnership I’m launching with Monica Stone – Yoga for Everyone. Monica is a yoga lifestyle coach who blogs at The Yogi Movement. She loves coaching busy and overwhelmed individuals on how they can find time for yoga and health in their busy day. Her mission is to help as many busy people around the world stress less, find clarity and happiness by giving simple tips to integrate the… View Post

Paleo Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

Until Theodora arrives on Friday, I’ll be working non-stop to deliver a few projects this week at work in between traveling for two meetings. I was in Rome yesterday and am currently in route to Verona for 4 hours worth of meetings before flying back to Geneva. After seeing my sister-in-law’s awesome Instagram post this weekend I knew she had to do another guest post! Here’s Meg with a delicious, healthy Fall recipe you can make this weekend! Hello again!… View Post