2014 Berlin Marathon Race Recap

After a week of reflecting and thinking about the marathon, I’ve come to realize that this marathon hurt more than any other because I put so much of myself into training. My heart and soul went into this year’s training, pushing my body to try new things and reach new paces that I’ve never felt before. I’m very accustomed in my life to working hard for things but then, at the end of the day, seeing the rewards of that… View Post

I Think We Need A Break

Five years ago, I signed up and trained for my first marathon. The entire process was like a dream, pushing my body to do something I never fathomed I would be able to do. As we’ve talked about previously on the blog, I did not grow up an athlete nor a runner.  In fact, while I spent a great deal of time outdoors growing up, I was only on a formal sports team four times in my life and each… View Post

2014 Berlin Marathon

  The Berlin Marathon did not disappoint. A new personal best was set on the course, though it wasn’t the time that I was hoping for based on my training and recent half PR. Some days just aren’t meant to be perfect running days and today was one of those. I thought of each and every one of you while I was out there on the course as your well wishes, thoughts, motivation and prayers helped me push through. A… View Post

Top 10 Marathon Tips – Training

Many runners are in the midst of applying to Fall marathon lotteries, hoping that they will receive the golden ticket to run one of the larger races such as Marine Corps, New York or Chicago. Others are pushing the button to register for smaller, more manageable and easier to enter Fall marathons. Regardless of which marathon you have set your sights on or, if you’re still trying to make the decision, this post will help you know what to think… View Post