Bo’s 30th Birthday Weekend

I am sun kissed but alive! Things have been quiet on the blog the past few days because we’ve been enjoying a wonderful, long weekend with our friends and family! In honor of Bo’s 30th birthday, we hosted 12 of our friends in Savannah for some Low Country relaxation. Our days were spent either out on the water or relaxing at the pool and each night was filled with Southern food and laughter. The weekend was absolutely perfect and the memories will remain with us for far longer than the sunburn lasts.


Words can’t begin to express how thankful we were to enjoy this time with everyone and share our hometown with them. I can’t wait to share our weekend with you all in more detail but for now, I only have time to share pictures before sitting down to lunch with my mom.

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Savannah Sunshine

Good morning from Savannah!

Bo and I arrived in Savannah Friday around 7pm after a smooth but long day of travel. Within an hour we were sitting over the water at AJ’s Dockside enjoying fresh seafood and cold beer with both families.

045After a good night’s rest and an hour morning workout with my brother, Saturday was a day dedicated to rest and relaxation with my mom. Each year my mom and I enjoy some type of spa treatment together to decompress before the holiday celebrations begin. This year we decided on a full day package at Savannah Day Spa. The package included a facial, scrub, massage, manicure, pedicure and lunch. While the treatments were wonderful, especially the facial, I had a hard time relaxing for that long. I found my mind wandering during the treatments, thinking about all the errands that need to be done for the holidays.
009010029 028 027 023 020After spending almost all day inside on Saturday yesterday we were able to enjoy the gorgeous Savannah sunshine and 70 degree temperatures. The “kids” went out on my brother’s boat for an afternoon of cruising on the water.

071 067 066 062 060 056 052 051 049 048 047 Bo and I are so thankful the weather has worked in our favor thus far to allow for boating, outdoor runs, long walks, and driving with the windows down! While I love winter and skiing this sunshine and warmth is a nice break!

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday and looking forward to some time with friends and family.

Warmth in winter – wrong or not? Do you crave cold weather or warmth over the holidays? White Christmas or white sand?


A Relaxing Saturday in Savannah

Since I last checked in on Thursday the weekend has been pretty amazing! We’ve spent time enjoying the gorgeous Savannah weather, tried a few new restaurants, found time to relax at the spa, and have laughed for hours!

I’m so blessed to be home at my parent’s house this weekend with everyone!

The Savannah sunshine finally decided to say hello yesterday so we were able to take advantage of the weather by going for a long walk along River Street.

We spent an hour walking through Savannah’s gorgeous squares. I can’t believe how busy the city was yesterday! One thing is for sure, Savannah loves the tourists who help fund the city!

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After a long New York City winter which has included more gray, cold days than most years I was definitely ready for some Vitamin D by way of Savannah sunshine. My aunt and mom thought I was crazy to only be in my Lululemon crop pants and Lululemon Power Y tank but it was perfect! Warmth and temperature is all relative!

After our walk we found a new to us, local Savannah coffee shop, Foxy Loxy, where we were able to get delicious cappuccinos with hearts! It’s the little things in life!


Our afternoon was pretty much perfect bliss! When this trip was organized a few months ago, my mom and I thought it would serve as the perfect excuse for a girls’ spa day. I haven’t enjoyed a full spa day in quite a while and it was exactly what we each needed. While Spa Bleu has been open for three years, neither my mom nor I had been there before. Located just off Broughton Street in Savannah’s historic district the spa is very reasonably priced while providing quite a full menu of services. Our choice, Spa Bleu Escape Day, included a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, and lunch for $235. It is also a fully organic spa, registered as part of the Green Spa Network. The price was a great deal considering the prices that we each normally face in New York, Tuscon, Chapel Hill, and our other respective towns! We were able to have our services at the same time so the day of relaxation included an hour to two relaxing together during our manicures, pedicures and lunch.  We were impressed by each of our services, especially the facial and pedicure which while being all natural were very effective! The only disappointing part of the day was the lunch. Since the spa is right above a Panera, it seems like ordering lunch from there could be an easy option. Instead, we had mini quiche just like you would buy from Sams. Not exactly my idea of a spa lunch!

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What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon! While the ladies relaxed the men spent the day walking the beach, touring historic Fort Pulaski and enjoying seafood dockside!

Last but not least, we toasted a great weekend with dinner at our favorite Savannah restaurant, Elizabeth’s on 37th. (See previous review here.)

Today my goal is to be outside as much as possible, enjoying every bit of warm weather and blue sky! We are dining al fresco for breakfast on the back patio my parents have updated recently and then heading out on the boat this afternoon!

Happy Sunday!


An Early Morning Run with Fleet Feet Savannah

Good morning from Savannah!

Just like I expected, last night’s flight landed later than I wanted which meant that I didn’t crawl into bed until past midnight. It was hard to go to bed when my parents and I just wanted to sit downstairs and talk. While we talk on the phone multiple times per week it’s just nice to chat in person. So much more personal and intimate- especially since most of the time when we talk I’m walking somewhere which means there are sirens and traffic in the background!

But, a promise is a promise! When my alarm went off at 5am I saw that Victoria had already texted me letting me know that run club at Fleet Feet Savannah was still happening. I looked outside and saw that the rain had stopped but based on my window temperature it was still a bit chilly. Luckily when I packed my suitcase I threw my favorite New Balance running top (similar one)and my Nike crops. They were the perfect gear for this mornings run especially since I knew there was a chance we’d get caught in the rain. I grabbed a water bottle and my dad’s UGA hat before dashing out the door, ready for a great run.


(Above picture is clearly not from this morning’s run as it was pitch dark this morning, but at least it gives you an idea of what the store looks like! source)

At 5:45 I met Victoria and 8 other runners in front of the Fleet Feet store.  This morning’s run was a 5.5 mile “easy run” which would lead us through the Ardsley Park neighborhoods towards Forsyth Park and then culminate in a loop of the Park before heading back to the store. As this was my first opportunity to meet Victoria I stuck with she and her running coach for the entire run. Victoria does a 4-1 method of run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute which was new to me. For the first few miles I would run ahead and turn back while she was walking which helped me shake my legs out. The run itself was a great, relaxing chance to get to know a new friend, learn more about the Savannah running scene, and welcome the morning. During the run portion we were keeping around a 9:50 pace which is perfect for an easy run.


If you’re in the Savannah area or near another Fleet Feet store be sure to check out their run club. The local club’s training mantra is CREW (Collaborative Relationships, Empowering Workouts) and you can feel this from each member.


Though they are all different speeds during their 3 weekly workouts they support and coach each other to new, small victories and they ensure that each person is never alone on the run!



After the run I stopped at Starbucks for a cappuccino.  There is nothing like knowing that a frothy, warm cup of java is waiting for me after a workout! I picked up a skinny vanilla latte for my mom as a fun surprise since I know this is her favorite. By 7:30 I was back home ready for a great day!

My aunts and uncles don’t arrive until later today so I’m not sure what my parents and I are going to do today especially since it’s supposed to pour all day. Regardless, it’s nice to be back at home with them and relaxing for a few days! I’m forcing myself not to check my work email even though I’m still the only person awake right now!

Last but not least, if you have a minute, head over Robin Hoods. This Kick Starter campaign is an amazing cause which one of my fellow UGA Alumni and NYC ladies, Tracey, has started to support women such as her mother who are facing hair hardships. It’s such an amazing cause and she’d love any support and awareness as she gets up and running! 

When you go back home to you run or workout with a local group or go solo?