No Weights Required Workout

Do you ever have those days when you somehow sleep through not one but three alarms?

slept through alarm 3x

This morning I woke up from what felt like the deepest sleep ever to the sound of a fog horn. Yes, evidently my body was so tired that I slept through a fog horn for a total of 45 minutes. I guess this is also the time to admit that my foghorn was on soft since I evidently turned the volume down on my phone yesterday. Ooops.

There was no way that I was getting from Times Square to Flatiron in 2 minutes to make the Uplift Strength class I signed up for earlier this week. After feeling defeated and frustrated, I embraced the extra sleep and spare time to make iced coffee and read the New York Times before logging onto my work computer.

Since working with Jess, I’ve kept my commitment to strength workouts. She stresses their importance and I’ve seen the results from this commitment both in my pace and how I look and feel. If you’ve never done her equipment-free strength training workout for runners, I highly recommend it!

I turned this missed workout into an opportunity to create a new “do anywhere” workout for you guys. This workout can be done anywhere as it doesn’t require weights! The only thing you need is workout clothing, socks, shoes, a timer, and some fun music. I highly recommend listening to Rachel Platten’s Fight Song EP on Spotify while doing this workout.

This workout is short on time since it clocks in at 27 minutes but it packs a mighty punch by working your full body. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did; though your muscles may not thank me by the end!

No Weights workout


Y7 Yoga Studio

After a long flight I often try to book time at a local yoga studio to unwind the knots that 15 hours of traveling imposes on my neck and shoulders. While I have a few favorite New York City studios, I knew that this time I wanted to try Y7 Yoga.

Since their Flatiron location opened in April, I’ve read countless positive, rave reviews on the studio and it’s unique vibe. Friday morning Theodora and I flowed through the 60 minutes of poses, loosening the stress of our weeks.


As I climbed the stairs of their Flatiron location, I knew I was in for a refreshing experiences.

Y7 Yoga Stairs

Their stairs greet each participant with inspirational Drake lyrics reminding them that they’ve made progress just by choosing to walk up the stairs towards an hour long yoga practice.    IMG_0815

Once inside I was greeted by a fresh, bright space including a check-in desk, storage cubicles, yoga mats, towels, a seating area as well as two bathrooms. The bathrooms feature an adorable “I woke up like this” area which allows yogis to go from sweaty to office-ready with dry shampoo, deodorant, blow dryers and large mirrors. While I always hope for a shower, this is a great backup option.


There are four key things that separate Y7 from other yoga studios I’ve frequented in NYC – heat, light and music.

  • HeatEach class is practiced in a studio which is warmed by infrared heat. Infrared heat is different from space heaters or radiators because it heats objects versus just heating the air. According to Y7 co-founder, the benefits include increased calorie burn, improved skin tone, lower cortisol levels and more. Now while there isn’t much to support these claims, I will say that the heat was warm and calming versus the stifling and stinky heat experienced in many hot yoga classes.  Evidently Y7 is also the first studio in New York to offer full-spectrum infrared heating. I recommend bringing an extra towel, or two, to make sure you don’t slip in your sweat. The studio also rents YogiToes towels for $2.
  • Light, or lack of light – Class is practiced in a dark studio, only lit with small candles. Initially I was worried that this would negatively affect my practice; now allowing me to watch the instructor. I quickly realized that this had the completely opposite affect. Instead of spending class being intimidated by other yogis or trying to push beyond my limits, I found myself focusing inward and calmed by the candle light. For this reason and do to the intensity of the class, I would not recommend it for beginners who may get lost with only verbal cues.
  • Music – This studio bucks the norm by blasting hip hop music throughout the class versus the traditional yoga chants. Who knew that one could get so relaxed while listening to JayZ, Sam Smith, Notorious B.I.G but our 60 minute flowed perfectly in time to the beat of each song.
  • Free Flow – After going through each flow sequence three to four times as a group, the instructor gave us a few minutes or one song of free flow. During two of the free flows I did the yoga sequence on my own, but the third one I took my warm muscles through inversion practice. I loved that the instructor was on hand to help anyone who was working on inversions, holding legs or spotting us into position.

Would I go again? Heck yes! In fact, I wish I could go to this week’s WeFlowHard Hip Hop Vinyasa – Nicki Minaj vs Lil Wayne!

Cost: You can book individual sessions at $22 per single class or buy a package which can reduce rates down to $16. You can also book a spot at any of their locations using ClassPass.

Address: I went to the Flatiron location, located at 25 West 23rd Street, 4th floor. However, there are 3 locations, Williamsburg, SoHo & Flatiron.

What to wear: Be prepared to sweat! Most people wore tank tops, sports bras and shorts or light crop pants.

Have you practiced yoga in the dark before?


Friday Favorites – February Edition

Hope you guys have had a great week. Are you counting down the minutes until the weekend begins? Due to a last minute cancellation, Bo and I have no plans this weekend. After fighting off a cold and then stomach illness, nothing sounds better than a relaxing weekend in Geneva. I’m looking forward to plenty of time reading on the couch, running, practicing yoga, cooking, watching movies and relaxing with Bo.

It’s time for this week’s dose of Friday Favorites. This week includes everything from a few new recipes, beauty products I’m enjoying, a new pair of running tights and some great workouts!

Tonight I discovered OPI Dutch Tulip nail polish. A perfect mix of red and pink hues, it is my new Spring color of choice. After months of darker colors, the vibrant hue is a fun change!

OPI Dutch Tulips

This great No Equipment, 12 minute HIIT workout is perfect for days when the roads are too snowy or travel forces you to workout in your hotel room. I’m heading to London next week for work and have already pinned this for some much needed workout inspiration.


My gray, frozen runs have been made a bit brighter thanks to my Nike Epic Lux Tights. Unlike many other running tights I’ve tried, these stay in place during sprints, yoga and bootcamps. 


This month’s book club pick, Big Little Lies, is hard to put down and easy to enjoy! It follows three different friends, each at a critical turning point in their life. I’m more than halfway through the book and still can’t figure out how it’ll end.

homemade Tagalong Scout cookie recipe

Forget to order your favorite Girl Scout cookies this year? Can’t have those delicious cookies in your home? These five recipes allow you to bake your favorite Girl Scout cookie at home. Hmm, I may just have to whip up Tagalongs this weekend.

I received some wonderful samples in my latest Sephora order, including a deluxe sample of L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream. This rich face cream absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I’ve used lots of rich face creams over the year and this is the first that doesn’t leave my pillow case greasy and goes on smooth enough for daytime or evening use.


Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon Training – Week 10

Hey gang! If you’re in the Northeast battling blizzard conditions, I hope you are staying warm and safe. I am sure many people are forced to change their running plans or resort to the treadmill this week as it sounds like it’s going to be nasty weather. If you need some inspiration before your treadmill run, check out this race recap of a treadmill marathon!


Since it’s Monday that means it’s time to share last week’s training with you guys. I’m really pleased with last weeks training. Jess has done a great job making training work for my schedule which will often include winter sports during the weekend. This weekend that meant a day of cross country skiing but in the future there will be quite a few ski weekends thrown into the mix.

I was able to easily stick with a mix of cross training though I did fall short on the strength training. I find it’s so easy to do this when traveling as I far prefer it over hotel gym cardio machines but when I have other cross training options, it’s always pushed aside. Therefore, this week my goal will be to prioritize strength workouts just as much as my running!

Weekly Workout Recap – Savannah Half Marathon Training Week 10

Monday: Easy Run + Strides + Yoga I forced myself to roll out of bed early for a pre-work run. It wasn’t easy on a Monday morning but I was wide awake and energized after the 4 miles. The cold weather helped me move faster than planned, resulting in an “easy run” at 9:33 pace.  After work, I met a few friends for an hour of yoga at InnerCity yoga. The class is a relaxing class that has a different focus each week ranging from cooling inversions, twists and even a full class of hip and shoulder openers. The teacher, while newer, has a calming voice and does lots of adjustments during class which really helps me gain so much more from the 60 minutes.  I think this will be a regular part of my weekly workout schedule, becoming a social event, as each of us enjoy the class so much!

Tuesday: Swim+ Strength After snow and ice kept us from making morning swim practice, we rescheduled swimming for after work. I have no desire to swim after work again as the pool was packed. There were 10-12 people sharing a lane and every few minutes the lifeguards would close another lane due to competitive swim team practices. Regardless of how little I enjoyed the workout, the 40 minute swim felt great!


Wednesday: Spin I feel like this spin class should actually count as a strength workout as Bo and I had a private class due to many no-shows or last minute cancellations. Matt made us work hard the entire class and showed us no mercy. He focused in on my cadence and resistance, making sure that I was loaded heavy for the multiple climbs. I was dripping sweat and out of breath when class ended!

Thursday: Pick-Ups I really enjoyed this early morning run! I run a lot faster in the cold weather so  the pick-up minutes were easier and faster than expected though by the end my quads were burning. I started with a 15 minute warm-up followed by 2 minute repeats at 80% followed by 2 minutes at 40%, repeated 4 times. I finished with 10 minute cool down on the way home, slowing down to catch my breath and shake out my legs a bit. By the end of the workout my glutes and thighs were burning due to the spin workout and speed workout less than 12 hours apart!


Friday: Long run I woke up around 6:15, chugged some DailyBurn Pre and ate a few dried figs before heading out the door. The Weather Channel website said it was 28 degrees but felt like 21 degrees. Well, I think they meant felt like –21 degrees as this run was DOWNRIGHT freezing due to the damp air and blustery wind. Even in three layers and windproof gloves I was so uncomfortable that I called it quits at 6.2 miles, 10 minutes short of the prescribed 70 minute workout.

Saturday: Cross Country Skiing I now understand why many say that this workout burns more calories than any other. Holy heck was I sore after my first cross country ski experience!


Sunday: Rest I enjoyed a complete rest day save for walking up and down our four flights of stairs, unpacking the car and foam rolling. Spending five hours on the sofa watching movies (The Hundred Foot Journey left me craving Indian food in a HUGE way) and catching up with family on the phone was the perfect end to the weekend.

Your turn – How’s your training going? Did you get all your workouts done last week? Are you having to make changes due to this week’s snow? What’s your least favorite workout of training that always gets pushed aside?

PS: I’m working with the team to get the comments issue fixed – sorry guys! Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean I’m not reading and responding to them!

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