Friday Favorites – February Edition

Hope you guys have had a great week. Are you counting down the minutes until the weekend begins? Due to a last minute cancellation, Bo and I have no plans this weekend. After fighting off a cold and then stomach illness, nothing sounds better than a relaxing weekend in Geneva. I’m looking forward to plenty of time reading on the couch, running, practicing yoga, cooking, watching movies and relaxing with Bo. It’s time for this week’s dose of Friday Favorites.… View Post

Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon Training – Week 10

Hey gang! If you’re in the Northeast battling blizzard conditions, I hope you are staying warm and safe. I am sure many people are forced to change their running plans or resort to the treadmill this week as it sounds like it’s going to be nasty weather. If you need some inspiration before your treadmill run, check out this race recap of a treadmill marathon! Since it’s Monday that means it’s time to share last week’s training with you guys.… View Post

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Swim Etiquette – Do or Don’t?

Hey gang! I hope you guys had a good evening. It seems like most of the people in my Facebook to Twitter feed were busy watching the State of the Union. When dealing with time zones, I’m thankful for recordings and clips so I can feel as if I watched it, even though I was fast asleep.  Yesterday morning’s early swim practice didn’t happen as the snow and ice made it virtually impossible to leave the house at 5:45am! In… View Post

Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon Training – Week 11

There is something wonderful and exciting about a training plan. I’m excited to lace up these week, hoping I’ll feel a bit stronger than the week prior. Each Sunday brings a new email from Jess with a list of workouts to accomplish for the week. Having someone who I can confide in daily, via email, makes training a lot easier. Sometimes training for a race, regardless the length, can make you a bit crazy. Was I this sore the last… View Post